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Why are Christmas presents put in socks?

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We have heard of many interesting Christmas customs and even entered our lives, such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas gifts in socks, etc. But do you know how these customs come from? Today, SHUNMA sat around the furnace with everyone to talk about the origin of these interesting customs.



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The origin of Santa Claus

The amiable holiday character of Santa Claus is generally considered to be a derivative image of Saint Nicholas, the Christian saint. He is a compassionate bishop who loves charity and often helps the poor in secret. Even after the death, people there will still pass on word of mouth. At Christmas, there will be an old man with a red hat, a big white beard, a red cotton coat, red boots, and a big bag with gifts. , Come and give gifts to the children.



The origin of Christmas stockings

Putting Christmas gifts into Christmas stockings is actually related to the legend of Santa Claus. According to legend, Saint Nicholas was in order to help a down-and-out nobleman solve the dowry of three daughters. Three gold nuggets were thrown from the chimney in the noble house on Christmas Eve, and they happened to fall into the girl's stockings hanging by the fireplace. The girls woke up to find gold and were very happy, telling others that mysterious Christmas gifts would be thrown into the chimney and dropped into their thick house socks. Since then, this custom has gradually passed down and become the Christmas stockings that are dedicated to gifts today.



The origin of the gingerbread house

According to legend, during the Crusades, "ginger" was an expensive imported spice, so it was only used in important festivals like Christmas and Easter. People add ginger to cakes and biscuits to increase flavor and have the effect of fighting off cold. Over time, gingerbread has become a must-eat snack for Christmas. In addition, in the fairy tale, it seems that every child has dreamed of a house made of desserts, the window frames are biscuits, the glass is rock candy... So Christmas gingerbread becomes a small house and decorated under the Christmas tree.



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The origin of turkey dinner

Eating turkey for Christmas originated in America. It is said that on Christmas Day in 1620, a large number of immigrants from the United Kingdom arrived in the Palimouth Mountains in the Americas. Because there was almost no other food besides the turkey that can be seen everywhere, so they had to roast turkey for the festival. The turkey is big in meat, delicious in taste, rich in nutrition, and low in cholesterol, so it is favored by Westerners. Eating turkey on Christmas has continued since then and has become a tradition.



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