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Why Socks Are Very Suitable for the Technology Industry?

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Long before colorful socks such as green knee high socks became men's fashion accessories, the geek/nerd subculture had already adopted them as the main fashion. This is most obvious in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is the sacred place of the technology industry. Even large technology giants such as Google and Facebook use it as gifts. Why do brightly colored, eye-catching socks win considerable admiration in the usually shy subculture?


In 2012, The New York Times reported on the popularity of brightly colored socks such as red crew socks, in the technology industry. One of the reasons given is that they are a way for tech entrepreneurs to make their ordinary dress alive. Another view is that gorgeous five finger socks reflect the attitude of tech workers to the technology they create: practicality is the primary consideration, but design is almost as important.


But perhaps the most convincing argument comes from science as a survival mechanism, and humans have evolved to use appearance as a means of bonding. The New York Times article even concluded, “Wearing flashy socks is not just an expression of your personality. It shows that you are a member of the crowd. This is like a secret to those who have arrived and those who want to shake hands."


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So, if you want to promote products to the technology industry, why not use the "secret handshake"? "Give your technical customers, potential customers, and employees the opportunity to connect with their employees.


Technology companies can use customized dress liner socks for various promotional activities, such as:


1. Gifts for employees, customers and suppliers.


2. Giveaways at job fairs or trade shows.


3. Celebrate milestones, such as the latest version of the company's software.


4. Giveaways for training and team building activities.


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Members of the technology industry always find ways to differ from other corporate societies. Their CEO rarely wears a suit or tie, and many people think it's not worth it. When they promote themselves, technology companies don’t necessarily have to use old substitutes such as t-shirts, pens, or calendars. Because these are all too ordinary and unattractive.


Therefore, you can use socks to promote sales at this time. Socks are not only practical, they can also express themselves appropriately. For example, if you like to wear home socks slipper socks at home, you can wear dance tights when you like to dance.



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