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Why Should You Wear Compression Socks?

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Compression socks are designed to provide additional support to your legs while increasing blood circulation. This is crucial for people who spend long hours sitting or standing at their job. Writers, administrative assistants, nurses, waitresses and more often find at the end of their shift that their lower legs and feet have become swollen. This is because blood settles toward the lower parts of the body and pools in the feet and lower legs. Over time individuals can and do develop serious circulatory problems such as phlebitis, and edema. Elevating the legs can sometimes provide temporary relief but what nurse or waiter has time to put their feet up for hours while at work? The answer to this problem is to wear compression socks, such as thigh high compression socks, ankle compression socks.


This type of specialized compression socks for varicose veins provides pressure on the veins and the lower legs and feet forcing the blood through narrower channels. This provides less opportunity for blood to collect and as a result proper circulation is restored.



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Do I Need Compression Socks?


Do you spend all day sitting in front of a computer at work? Are you a nurse, construction worker, athlete, emergency room doctor or someone else who is on their feet most of the time when they're at work? Are your feet, ankles or lower legs swollen? If you answered yes to any of these questions chances are good that you would benefit from wearing high quality compression socks. Even if you don't answer 'yes' to the above questions but you are facing the prospect of a long international flight you can benefit from compression socks for long flights. Swollen feet are no laughing matter. They can affect nearly every aspect of your life and lead to serious complications.


When Should You Use Compression Socks?


If you work in any of the fields we've discussed in this guide you're better off starting to wear custom compression socks before problems arise. Why wait until your feet are swollen like balloons and you feel tired and lethargic before taking action? If you've just been hired for an office, construction or hospital job make them part of your outfit and rest easy knowing you're preventing potentially serious health problems. If you are already experiencing edema or plantar fascitis, it's not too late to start wearing the best compression socks for standing all day to prevent your condition from getting any worse.


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What are the benefits of wearing compression socks?


The benefits of cotton compression socks are many and if you've previously suffered from swollen feet you'll notice many of them on day

Whereas before you may have experienced a gradual tightening of your shoes as the day wore on that should end. If you previously felt lethargic due to your swollen feet you should now have far more energy. If you've previously had tingling in your feet due to swelling that should come to an end as well. The benefits for athletes include faster recovery after long runs or hikes, more effective performances regardless of your sport and a greater sense of vitality and alertness as well.