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Which material of socks is better? Cotton or Polyester?

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I believe you have found out when buying crew length socks, most of the production ingredients of socks contain polyester fiber and cotton. Polyester fiber and cotton crew socks are not only the fabric for making a variety of types of clothing, but also the most commonly used materials for making ultra thin cotton socks women's. But it's important to note that weather conditions are also a very important factor in deciding which material to wear. Here are the main differences between them.


Wearing cotton compression crew socks can let us feel soft and comfortable (necessary for sports), warm-keep, sweat-absorb, and they can prevent the soles of feet and shoes from slipping, also they have the function of health care and wear well. There are five roles for cotton socks as below:


53-1-polyester sock

1. Hygroscopicity

Cotton fiber has good hygroscopicity, under normal circumstances. The fiber can absorb water to the surrounding atmosphere. And its moisture content is 8-10%, so it can make people feel soft and not stiff. If the cotton cloth humidity increases, the surrounding temperature will be more higher, the water in the fiber will all evaporate away. So that the fabric maintains a water balance, making people feel comfortable.


2. Moisturizer

Because of the cotton fiber porous and high elasticity, fiber can accumulate a large amount of air. And air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so the cotton fiber textiles have good moisturizing effect, such as pure thick cotton socks mens  fabric dress makes men feel warm.


3. Heat resistance

The heat resistance of pure cotton fabric is good. Under 110℃, it will only cause water evaporation on the fabric, but not damage the fiber, so pure cotton fabric at room temperature, wearing, washing, printing and dyeing have no impact on the fabric, thus improving the wash and wear resistance performance of pure cotton fabric.


53-2-cotton sock

4. Health

Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main component is cellulose. There are a small amount of waxy substance, nitrogen content and pectin. After various inspection and practice, pure cotton fabrics and skin contact without any negative effect. Wearing for a long time is still beneficial to human body and keep good health performance.


The only drawback of men's cotton crew socks is that it is slightly more expensive than polyester.


Polyester fiber crew length compression socks are a kind of synthetic petroleum fiber, which is widely used for the clothing of old people, men, women and children.


1. Durable

Polyester is a man-made, petroleum-based synthetic fiber that, when used properly, usually lasts longer than cotton. Polyester best quarter socks doesn't fade easily. It retains a longer dyeing time than cotton and increases the aesthetic life of the garment. Polyester also dries faster than cotton.


2. Strength

Polyester ankle crew socks has high strength and elastic recovery ability, so it is firm and durable, anti-wrinkle and free from ironing, and has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity, dimensional stability and good insulation performance.



1. Polyester is a kind of fabric that does not decompose easily. It doesn't break down well in the soil, which is bad for the environment. Polyester is also airtight. It makes your body sweat because it's a good insulator.


2. Polyester does not absorb water. While this can be a positive thing in some ways, it also means that it is more difficult to remove stains than using cotton yarn. Repeated washing can also damage the fabric.


3. Easy to absorb dust, poor air permeability, not easy to ventilate;Finally, its dyeing performance is poor, need to dye at high temperature with disperse dyes.


After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of cotton socks and polyester socks, we suggest to choose pure cotton for solid color crew socks. More specifically, 100% organic cotton, especially if you have very sensitive skin.