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What shoes go well with stockings?

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A lot of girls have knee high stockings. However, what shoes go well with stockings? Here I would like to share tips for matching stockings.


4.white high socks with stripes


1. White casual shoes + stockings


In summer, girls pair stockings with skirts or shorts to make themselves look cute and attractive. Tall girls can wear a small shorts, then wear a long plaid shirt whose length is just right over the shorts. Tie-in a pair of stockings. This makes girls fashionable and lively, and it also have the effect that girls can seem younger than they really are. The small white casual shoes are the fashionable products of a universal. No matter what kind of clothes you wear, it always looks good with a pair of small white casual shoes. Wearing a half skirt that has lasting appeal and small white casual shoes matching pink knee high socks makes you seem very nifty and lovely.



2.Ankle boots + stockings

A pair of bare boots can make a person's legs look longer, and girls knee high socks and ankle boots can be a great match. Loose socks match with ankle boots also looks great. Wearing a leather jacket and shorts to match can make you a cool girl.


3. Martin boots + stockings


Martin boots are a cool fashion item. You can match martin boots with white high socks with stripes or navy knee high stockings. Pair it with a dress to blend elegance and cool.


 4. Nude shoes + stockings


Stockings can also be worn in a Japanese or Korean style. A nifty and age-reducing pleated skirt is must be first choice with stockings. Wearing a pair of nude shoes can easily create a lovely little girl image. This kind of dress suits smaller girls very well. By the way, for stockings, you'd better choose cute style stockings such as Japanese knee high socks and kitty knee high socks.



4.pink knee high socks

How to choose stockings


In the beginning, stocking colors were solid. White knee high socks and black knee high socks are the best choice. Remember not to choose similar colors when you select shoes to match. With the improvement of stockings, knee high tube socks with stripes and pictures appear. I think you should try to choose stockings with smaller patterns so they don't look too loud. By now, stockings are available in colorful and floral patterns. But in my opinion, stockings are just an accessory. If the stocking is too dazzling, it will destroy the whole pattern. So I suggest you try to choose solid color stockings, otherwise it's easy to make mistakes. If you don't know which store to buy stockings, I recommend CMAX. CMAX sells many kinds of socks, not only knee high stockings, but also ankle socks, low cut socks, cozy socks, five tone socks, tights, crew socks and so on.