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What’s the difference between knee highs and over the knee socks?

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1. What are knee highs?


Knee highs (also known as knee high socks, and thigh high socks) are stockings whose elastic top reaches the knee.


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1-1.How do you dress up knee high stocks?


Raise your knees all the way to your toes, and then gently thread your feet into your clothes. Make sure the toes are aligned with the sock to ensure that the toes are stable and straight. Carefully raise the knee above the knee; the comfortable top of the sock should be below the kneecap.


Put on the second sock in the same way as the first. Stand with your legs parallel, possibly in front of the mirror. Both stockings should be the same height, and the tops of the socks should be at the same level.


1-2.Can I wear knee highs with pants?

Of course you can! Since these socks are shorter than thigh socks and thinner than most socks, you can wear them under your pants to wear an extra layer with your shoes. In the cold winter, put on your favorite pants, a pair of knee-high feet and a pair of necessary high heels to keep your feet warm and comfortable.


1-3.Which shoes can I wear with knee highs?

You can wear knee highs through a variety of shoes: flat shoes, high heels and high heel boots, flat boots and ankle boots. In winter, you can wear a pair of knee-high socks with winter boots or rain boots to keep you warm and comfortable.


1-4.Do knee highs have sizes? What size am I?

No, knee highs do not have sizes. Our knee highs will conform to your legs and feet; therefore, only needing one size for all. In contrast, knee highs are very different from over the knee socks.


2. What are over the knee socks?

A stocking on the knee socks (also called OTK) that covers the feet and legs up to the top of the knee. They are considered to be between the high point of the thigh and the high point of the knee.


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2-1.How should I put on knee socks?

Roll your cute knee high socks all the way to your toes, then gently thread your feet into your clothes. Carefully roll the over-knee socks up to the knee; ideally, the comfortable top (of the socks) should end above the kneecap. Place the second inventory in the same way as the first.


2-2.What do I wear with over the knee highs?


Over the knee highs can be worn all year long. Especially black knee high socks, white knee socks, and gray knee high socks are very popular in all seasons.During the warm summer months, casually wear your knee highs with fashionable flats, a mini-skirt and a loose tee for a playful look. In the winter, pair your knee high socks with sheer thigh highs, booties, a sweater dress, and a cozy cardigan. You can wear long socks for girls with a long pencil skirt and a blouse. Either outfit is bound to be eye-catching and fabulous!


2-3.Can I wear over the knee socks with dresses and skirts?


Absolutely! Over knee high compression socks look best when paired with dresses and skirts as you will be able to show your gorgeous gams off without showing too much.


2-4.What shoes go with over the knee socks?


Over knee length socks are very versatile in style and can be worn with flats, sneakers, heels, and boots.


2-5.Do over the knee socks have sizes? What size am I?


No, over the knee socks do not have sizes. Our girls knee high socks will conform to your legs and feet.


Whats the difference between over the knee socks and thigh highs?


Over the knee socks are very different from thigh highs. Thigh highs are a type of hosiery that are made with an elastic or silicone band at the top. This form of hosiery should sit on your legs without the need for garter belts. Proper thigh highs should come all the way up to the top of your leg — approximately three fingers away from the inseam.