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What kind of socks should be worn in summer to avoid smelly feet?

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The human body sweats easily in the hot summer. And our feet are wrapped in shoes, and the problem of foot odor is very obvious in a day. In addition to physical reasons, the problem of foot odor has a lot to do with the shoes and socks we wear. Here is an introduction to what best ankle socks to wear in summer to avoid foot odor.



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Causes of bad feet in summer

Sometimes the cause of foot odor is the wearing of low-quality socks. A pair of breathable socks is extra important for your feet during exercise, so don’t just put on a pair of socks and run away, especially nylon socks. Although they have a silky texture, they have very poor breathability. The moisture wicking capacity is zero, and men should not wear nylon stockings at any time.


If you are wearing running shoes, boots or other closed shoes, remember to wear socks. Not wearing socks can easily lead to foot odor. Foot sweat directly touches the insole. The combination of the two odors will produce a more unpleasant smell, which is difficult to remove once it adheres to the shoes. So in addition to wearing slippers, you must wear socks. If you want to wear them beautifully, you can also choose invisible socks, lace ankle socks or below ankle socks.



Recommended socks for summer

1. Socks with higher natural fiber content will have better deodorant effect. Natural fibers include cotton, hemp and silk, among which hemp has the best effect. It not only has excellent sweat absorption effect, but also has antibacterial effect. Socks containing hemp are relatively rare, so we can choose socks with high cotton content, which not only absorb sweat well, but also are economical and suitable for the general public.


2. Do not buy socks with high chemical fiber content. Generally, these socks not only have poor sweat absorption and deodorization function, but also have poor elasticity and shape retention. It is easy for people to think that the stockings are thin and breathable. In fact, the material of stockings is chemical fiber. It is more likely to cause foot odor.



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How to clean smelly socks

Pour a little white vinegar into the water for washing the cozy cabin socks, soak for a while, and then rinse with clean water. This will not only remove the odor, but also play a sterilization effect. In addition, vinegar is also a natural softener and brightener, which can reduce the discoloration of socks and prevent compaction.


Soak socks in clean water for about two hours, then rub soap and rub with hot water so that the dirt can be easily washed; rayon stockings and nylon stockings should be washed gently in soapy water or synthetic detergent below 40℃ Knead and avoid excessive force; when washing woolen socks, you should first cut neutral soap with a small alkaline content into soap flakes, and dissolve them in hot water. After the water cools down, put the socks in and soak for a while, then rub gently.


3. In terms of texture, it is best to choose cotton socks with light texture and mesh hole design in summer. On the one hand, it can effectively absorb sweat and discharge moisture. On the other hand, the hole design can effectively increase the air circulation area and reduce the area of skin contact.



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