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What is the difference between crew and ankle socks?

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Ankle socks sit a little lower than crew socks, coming either just over the ankle bone, or a little higher. Ankle socks tend to be worn for the more practical reasons. Crew socks, thanks to their extended height, tend to be used when you want to reveal a bit more of your character via your ankles.


You can get a lot of colour, patterns and textures along the length of a pair of crew socks, which can be used to complement the colors in the rest of your apparel, or to pep up a dull ensemble with an unexpected pop of colour at your feet.


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Ankle Socks


Ankle socks cover your entire foot and end at your ankle. Most people wear white crew socks for exercising, hiking, daily use, or sometimes working. Most comfortable ankle socks sit right above or right below the shoe opening, which allows them to be less visible when wearing shorts, capris, etc. White cotton ankle socks are perfect for those who don’t like wearing tall socks.


Our ankle socks are in different designs of these socks are available in order to suit every requirements. Running ankle socks allow you to increase your performances whilst keeping a high level of comfort. We offers a wide range of ankle socks to its customers, either men or women. Whether you need socks for running, trail, or cycling, the brand offers a very complete range that will meet the most demanding athletes’ expectations.



Crew Socks


Crew socks are less about style and more about functionality. Crew length socks are taller than ankle socks and are often worn around the mid-calf. These type of socks can be worn pulled all the way up or cuffed at the top. Crew socks come in various colors such as black crew socks, and have specific textures that work to help your socks stay up on your leg better.



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Both quarter crew socks and ankle socks come in any of the following materials (or a combination of), cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex, wool, microfiber, or other. Most crew and ankle socks are made out of a combination of nylon, spandex, and polyester. Socks made out of these materials are ideal for working or for everyday use. Individuals who play sports often prefer wearing cotton socks. Athletic socks are specifically designed to help reduce sweat and helps keep your feet cool. What are crew socks made of? Typically crew socks are made from 100% cotton, but that standard has begun to shift slightly. Now, there are more cotton-polyester blends. Other synthetic materials, like spandex, are used as well. Nowadays, you can even choose fancy crew socks that are manufactured from wool and silk. 




When most people think about socks the first color that comes to mind is white, but socks can actually come in any color. The most popular socks are often those with subtle color variations, such as accent colors on the toes, heels, and rim. Ankle socks and crew socks also come in dress colors, such as black or brown.


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