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What are the ways to wear different types of socks?

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We all tend to think about clothing in terms of shirts, jackets and pants. Socks are the last match. However, choosing the right socks can really make your style shine. When it comes to socks, there are many options, including the type of material, color, quality and length. How to choose and match different types of socks? Let us find the answer from the following article.



88-1 right socks

Knee high socks

The knee-high socks are very long, and they reach your knees. Diabetics and athletes often wear knee-high socks because they increase support. For example, knee-high diabetic socks can improve blood circulation in the legs by preventing blood from accumulating in the feet. These socks also have other features such as low profile seams, moisture wicking function and additional protective padding. These socks are a good medicine for foot discomfort.

Suitable for: men and women, diabetic patients, athletes, runners, high-intensity exercise, DVT patients, patients with peripheral edema;



Calf socks

Wearing calfskin socks is a good choice to add femininity and make your outfit really popular. Use calf socks in layers to add more color to your wardrobe. These socks look fashionable when worn with skirts, dresses or shorts with high heels or boots. Match the color of the top with the calf socks to create a cute casual or formal outfit. Calf socks can also keep your legs warm in winter.

Suitable for: women, fashion, keep legs warm;



Ankle socks

The ankle socks cover your entire foot and reach just below the ankle. In those hot summer days, many people choose socks with lower coverage. They use low-top sneakers and other casual shoes.

Suitable for: men and women, sports and leisure low-top shoes;



Crew socks

Crew socks are the most common stockings. It is often worn in the gym and when it is cold in winter. The crew's stockings were about half a foot above the ankle and partially covered the calf. Crew socks provide good protection and keep the legs warm. Although these socks look and feel like ordinary socks, they can also be used with formal socks. They provide diabetics with comfort to protect their feet.

Suitable for: men and women, casual or formal, diabetes, exercise, business activities;



88-2 knee-high socks

Mid-length socks

Middle calf socks are long enough to cover half of the calf. These socks keep you warm in cool weather. Therefore, mid-calf socks are usually not made of wool. Wool is an expensive material because of its durability, ability to keep your feet warm, and ability to wick away sweat.

Suitable for: men and women, cold weather, jogging, physical exercise, formal wear or leisure;



Invisible socks

No show socks are also called pull-on socks. They are thinner and lighter than traditional socks. However, these socks still provide some protection and absorb sweat. Invisible socks are suitable for wearing loafers or boat shoes because of their invisible characteristics.

Suitable for: men, women, outdoor, casual shoes, boat shoes;



Although socks are often overlooked, they play a vital role. Socks can be used for many purposes. They can be fashion statements. Welcome to visit our official website to buy all kinds of fashionable and comfortable socks.