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What are the materials of tights?

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There are many types of leggings with pockets for us to choose. But how to choose the most comfortable high waisted leggings you like to wear? This article mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of best workout leggings material, which is helpful for you to understand sock material and find the right one.


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1. Cotton

Generally, when we choose high waisted workout leggings, we prefer to choose pure cotton workout leggings for women, but we didn’t know whether pure cotton is meaning of 100% cotton. Hosiery experts tell us the answer is no. If a pair of socks is made of 100% cotton, it's not a pair of workout leggings with pockets, it's a wad of cotton! And it's completely inelastic! Socks made of 100% cotton are extremely shrinkable and are not strong or durable. Usually contain cotton content to be in the socks of 75% above to be able to become pure cotton socks, the sock that general cotton content is in 85% is very high-grade cotton socks. In addition to cotton, some functional fibers need to be added to the shorts with tights to maintain their elasticity, fastness and comfort. Leica, Polyamide, nylon, and Bamboo fiber, Modal, and so on are very common functional fibers. So socks that do not contain these functional fibers are not good socks. 


2. Lycra

Lycra is actually a kind of spandex fiber, a unique man-made elastic fiber invented and produced by dupont in 1958. It can be mixed with a variety of man-made and natural fibers, and processed into various types of clothing. Its extraordinary stretch and recovery properties add great color to all fabrics. And Lycra has a special chemical structure that prevents mold from growing in a damp, hot, sealed space after wet water. Lycra has been described as a "friendly" fibre, not only because it blends completely with natural and man-made fibres, but also because it adds comfort, corset, mobility and life to the fabric or garment.


3. Polyamide

Nylon is a synthetic fiber with Chinese characteristics, people are more familiar with its other name, nylon. Polyamide fiber is the technical name of polyamide fiber. Jinzhou Chemical fiber Factory synthesizing this kind of fiber in China is named as jinzhou, so it is named as jinzhou.Nylon and nylon are similar in nature, strong and wear-resistant, synthetic fiber is the most wear-resistant, the most solid one. And the weight is very light, good elasticity, adding nylon in socks can maintain high strength of elasticity.


4. Nylon

Nylon was developed by American scientist Carothers and a scientific research group under his leadership. It is the first synthetic fiber in the world. The appearance of nylon changes the appearance of textiles completely, which is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry and an important milestone in polymer chemistry.


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5. Bamboo fiber

In recent years more popular bamboo fiber is also a kind of viscose fiber. The raw material of bamboo fiber comes from bamboo. Because bamboo has much faster regeneration than wood, it has better environmental protection characteristics in this modern society of large-scale industrial production. Bamboo fabric is also soft and elegant, comfortable to the hand, and wear-resistant ball, moisture absorption, quick drying and breathable. The antioxidant compounds in bamboo can effectively eliminate free radicals in the body and have the biological effect of anti-aging. Contains a variety of essential amino acids, and bamboo cellulose, bamboo density, pectin has the effect of moisturizing the skin and anti-fatigue,it can increase the human body's microcirculation blood flow, activate the tissue cells, cause the human body to produce the warm and warm effect, can effectively regulate the nervous system, dredge the channels and collaterals to improve the sleep quality.


6. Modal

This is also a very popular textile fiber in recent years, belongs to viscose class.Is the European beech through beating, spinning and become.It is 100% natural, naturally decomposed and harmless to the environment and human body.The finished fabrics spun with Modell fiber from cotton and polyester have silky luster, good drape, soft and smooth feel.Adding modale into the thigh high tights can make the best high waisted leggings feel softer and more comfortable, which is also a kind of textile very popular in recent years.


7. Cashmere

Cashmere is very precious, not only because of the production few (only accounted for 0.2% of the world's animal fiber production), more important is its excellent quality and features, trading in grams ", is seen by some as "fiber jewel", "fiber queen", is the human ability to use all textile materials are incomparable, and therefore also known as "soft gold". 


When purchasing the best workout leggings for women , we must choose those comfortable and cost effective tights firstly. Hope you get some ideas from the article.