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What are the different sock lengths?

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A massive part of sock style can get the socks length right. Too long, and you run the risk of your socks overpowering your outfit, or simply looking ungainly and wrong. Too short and you may not have given your feet adequate protection for the outfit you are wearing, or the activity you are doing. You can also make an outfit look unfinished or unbalanced with too short a pair of socks or the wrong types of socks. There are many different lengths as the following described.



44.quarter length socks,

Ankle length socks


Low ankle socks suit lower cut shoes, such as loafers, trainers and gym shoes. Along with slip-on socks, they are designed to protect the feet without showing above the shoe to give the impression that you are not actually wearing any socks at all. The best ankle socks look understated, yet add a nice finishing touch to a casual look. Team them with good quality gym, athletic or running gear or casual jeans and t-shirt outfit.


Crew length socks


Crew length socks come a little further up your foot, reaching about six to eight inches up your leg to your calf muscles. This is a highly popular length, especially for kids crew socks, as it helps protect young feet and ankles from insect bites, blisters and splashes from puddles etc. Black and white crew length socks and the very similar quarter length socks suit physical activities as they are informal, yet sturdy. They are also a great way to keep your feet and ankles warm during the winter months.


Calf-length socks


Calf-length socks tend to be more popular with men, especially those who enjoy sports and fitness activities. They offer added protection and warmth, stopping further up the leg and just below the knee. You can get calf-length socks in a wide variety of materials, including those specially designed to wick away moisture and help keep your feet fresh and ready for a good work out.


44.over the knee sock

Knee high socks


Knee high socks are the final word in fashionable footwear, as their extended length offers a great canvass for fun designs and quirky patterns. They are a fantastic way to show off your individuality and add a vibrant colour accent to your outfit. Shine at a party and impress the world with your sense of style by investing in a bold selection of light blue knee high socks. Another ideal use for these types of socks is to provide an extra lining inside longer boots in the winter for added comfort when out in the cold.


Over the knee socks


Socks that pass the knee and stretch up to the thigh offer welcome versatility and protection for women who enjoy wearing skirts and dresses, whatever the weather. That is the over the knee sock. but don’t always want to reach for stockings or tights. Again, bold prints add real individuality, while smooth, flattering colours add the perfect finish touch to any outfit or style.


As the winter comes, it;s important that we stay wrapped up and warm when we venture outside. The socks mentioned above are good for the winter to wear once they fit for your feet, and its important to keep feet warm. For one thing, many of us spend a lot of the day on our feet. It’s not just about having a job or doing an activity that requires us to stand, walk or runabout, but we also need to physically get to our place of work and home again. Therefore, do remember to wear the right socks for your feet.