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What are the characteristics of antibacterial invisible socks?

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1. Tight Plug-Spun Combed Cotton


Compact Siro spinning is a combined process spinning method that combines compact spinning and Siro spinning. The yarn spun by this technology combines the excellent characteristics and quality of the two spinning methods. The cozy ankle socks have clear and uniform texture, comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbing. Compared with ordinary yarns, compact Siro yarns have fewer hairiness, higher strength, better wear resistance, less pilling, and have the effect of Siro spinning. It is an ideal raw material for spinning high-end fabrics.


2. Anti-slip Technology


Silicone non-slip. Silicone-free silicone is translucent and shiny. It can be more resistant to pulling, and the manpower transferred is 3 times that of ordinary silica gel. It can bear various external loads. Wearing this kind of non-slip cute white ankle socks will not be uncomfortable for sports or running.


Ergonomic non-slip wiring. Y-shaped routing design weaves three-dimensional space. It fits perfectly with the heel to prevent shifting and sliding.


High elasticity design. The 360-degree high elastic elastic band can be automatically adjusted according to different foot types. Such black and white ankle socks are comfortable and tight. It won't be loose for a long time and won't slip off easily.


42.antibacterial invisible socks

3. Antibacterial and Deodorant


Silver ions can make thick black ankle socks antibacterial and deodorant, and they can still maintain strong antibacterial properties after repeated washing.


As an antibacterial agent, silver ion has the advantages of safety, broad-spectrum, long-lasting, non-tolerant bacteria, and significant antibacterial effect. It is an ideal antibacterial agent. At present, silver ion-resistant bacteria appear, that is, the bacteria are not resistant to silver ions, which is caused by the unique sterilization mechanism of silver ions. General antibacterial agents mainly kill the cell membrane to kill bacteria. As a result, bacteria that have been hit hard are constantly evolving and adapting to increasingly toxic chemicals.


4. Breathable Mesh


The mesh hole design of the black cotton ankle socks body is light and non-feeling, moisture wicking, breathable but not stuffy, and the feet can breathe freely.


5. Anti-pilling Process


The tight-boned weave can enhance the tightness of cotton fibers and make the low cut sports socks difficult to pilling.


Pilling of weed ankle socks is related to the material. Generally speaking, cotton socks are easier to pilling. The main component of the socks is cotton. Although the anti-pilling treatment is done, it only reduces the probability of pilling and cannot be completely avoided. In addition to the material of socks pilling, it is also related to shoes and walking style. When the friction between the socks and the shoes is large, it will increase the probability of pilling, which has nothing to do with the quality of the mens low cut ankle socks.


6. Reactive Printing and Dyeing


The socks use a healthy printing and dyeing process, which is green and environmentally friendly, with strong color fixing and not easy to fade.


7. Sewing Boneless Suture


The toe and root of the low cut fuzzy socks are stitched without sewing bone, and are formed in a 360°integrated shape, which is smooth and comfortable, and it will not rub the toes.