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What are the Use and Precautions of Socks?

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Different kinds of cozy feet socks have different uses. At home, office, swimming pool and other places, the types of socks to be used are different.


When moving around the room, wearing socks can make you relaxed and comfortable. However, due to the material of socks and the surface of the floor, it is easy to slide. In order to solve this kind of potential danger, choose the antiskid socks, which can keep the feet close to the ground.


62-2-Medium stockings

Application of Antiskid Socks

Grip stockings are commonly used in hospitals and advanced care settings to minimize the risk of falls. The tread at the bottom of the socks helps people walk freely on the tile floor without losing grip.


Another popular use of floor socks is for physical exercise on hard floors. Such as yoga, Pilates, barbell and dance classes. Many yoga studios have participants use these thick ankle socks to avoid slipping on a yoga mat or wooden floor.


To further maximize the slip resistance potential of these socks in yoga and barbell sports, many of the grip socks used in these categories are five toe socks. The idea behind this design is that the rubber grip at the bottom of the sock combines with the separate toes to improve balance. These antiskid shoes make it easier for you to wear five finger socks. It is especially helpful for people with swollen feet or ankles and difficult to wear shoes.


It's better to use floor socks than ordinary thick house socks, and you don't have to worry about the hygiene problems of bare feet.


62-1-five toe sock

What to Pay Attention to When Buying Floor Socks:

1. Make sure they fit tightly to avoid slipping, especially in the foot area.


2. Make sure the density of sole grip provides enough grip and air permeability to meet your needs.


Don't Iron Your Socks

For some people, they love ironing striped ankle socks. Although the socks usually look dry, wrinkled or even blurry when pulled out of the dryer, the first thing you should think about is not to pull out the iron.


Although many people know that most cozy crew socks have elastic yarn at the cuff or the opening of the sock, few people know that there is actually a very thin elastic yarn tied around the whole sock. This stretch yarn can be found in most socks, including thinner pairs of socks, which ensures that the socks are safer to wear.


Since elastic yarn is usually made of thermoplastic filament with low melting point, if the ankle stockings are ironed with an electric iron, the shape and tensile properties of the socks will be destroyed. In fact, the heat in the washing machine and dryer also weakens the thermoplastic filament, but the damage they do is much less than that of an iron. So the next time you pick up the iron to iron your clothes, please don't iron your socks.


At the same time, whether it is floor socks or ordinary socks, please try to wash them by hand instead of machine washing, so as to prolong the service life of socks. Finally, whether it's hot summer or cold winter, a pair of socks suitable for you can have a more comfortable experience and life.