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What Are The Types Of Invisible Socks?

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We sometimes see people wearing white casual shoes but no socks. Actually, they wear invisible socks.


Cute cotton no show socks


Socks are clothing items worn on the feet which can protect and beautify the feet. It is said that there is a rule in the fashion world that socks should not be shown! Why? Because the ordinary socks we usually wear are ugly. Once we show our socks, the whole temperament will be reduced. Can't socks be fine works of art? Of course not! Good looking socks must be beautiful, fashionable and niche. These socks are detail-oriented and incorporate trendy elements of fashion such as vibrant stripes, trendy flowers and animal motifs. With the best cotton-- combed cotton, these cotton no show socks are smooth and tough, not easy to pilling. With the best printing and dyeing--reactive printing,  socks will not fade even if they have been washed for a long time. Design inspiration comes from a variety of sources, making socks have many fashion elements. CMAX company sells many styles of socks, such as no show compression socks and cute no show socks.



14.no show boat socks

Swallow gird low cut no show socks


“Bright colors”, “stripes”, “ringers” … If you get excited at the sight of this string of nouns, you must be a loyal fan of the swallow gird. It shows simple geometric elements in a novel and bold way, making socks more fashionable.


Summer low cut no show socks


Use the best technology -- make sure there are no bumps at the joints, and make every detail perfect! It's time to replace your worn socks with these solid colored no show boat socks to exude your energy. By the way, CMAX company has both no show socks for women and no show socks for men.



Childrens invisible socks


What's the biggest problem with no show boat socks? It is that socks slip off easily. CMAX company solves this problem with two measures: 3D steric design can make socks fit to the heel and not easy to slip off; the inner side of the socks is surrounded by reinforcing welt to prevent slipping off. So, these non slip invisible socks sold by CMAX are very suitable for children.



14.low cut no show socks

Korean and Japanese style women's thin no show socks


Yarn made of combed cotton has a great quality. The shorter fibers are combed out and impurities are removed from the cotton to create a smooth yarn. This makes the cotton more resilient and not easy to pilling. Most of these Korean or Japanese style socks are cute and you won't be embarrassed when you need to take off your shoes.



Summer lace no show socks


These socks are very comfortable to wear. They are skin-friendly and finely crafted, and the glue around their edges is very successful in preventing slippage. They are breathable and cost effective. Their colors and laces are good-looking. They are so soft that they won't grind and choke your feet. Cotton socks absorb sweat. It is easy to choose clothes to match with black, white, and flesh-colored socks.