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Three Best Ways to Organize Socks in Drawers

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Get up in the morning, you're going to be late. You managed to find the matching shirt and pants. At this point you've finished your hair, brushed your teeth, and even found the key. The last thing to do is to find a pair of socks, but when you open the drawer, the warm ankle socks in the drawer are in a mess.


Most of the time, it's the simplest part that can disrupt your plan, such as the messy socks in the drawer. When you want to choose a pair of paired socks in the drawer, it is most common to find that the socks are all single. It's time to tidy up your drawer.


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Here are three ways to organize socks:

Sort by Type

If you have socks of different sizes, you'd better separate them. For example, please put the sports socks with sneakers in a small corner of the drawer, and fold the silk stockings on the other side. Please remember, you'd better seal the stockings in the pocket, because they are made of different materials, which are very fragile and easy to be punctured. Finally, you need to distinguish the socks in winter from those in summer, which will help you quickly find the socks to match your clothes when you go to work.


From hiking, parties to formal activities, some people like colorful socks, so please arrange the different socks in the drawer according to the type of socks. This will ensure that your work socks are not mistaken for sports socks to reduce wear and tear.



Arrange Socks According to Style

f you are a man and most of the socks you buy are of the same type, you can consider sorting out drawers according to style and design. You can place socks separately according to different colors and patterns. You can put socks with bright colors together, such as red ankle socks, blue  ankle socks, etc. Then put the black, gray, white color suitable for the workplace in another part. And you can place striped socks and plaid socks separately.


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Other Precautions When Finishing Socks

1. Please fold the cosy winter socks instead of stacking them. Because folding can fit two socks together. The stacked socks are easy to turn into a single sock when searching, so please fold the socks in half more if you can.


2. Use split lines in the drawer. You can divide the drawer into several different small spaces to put different kinds of socks with different colors. This can not only ensure that you find socks more efficiently, but also make your drawer more beautiful and tidy.


3. Throw away unnecessary socks in time. Please throw away your worn out socks, unmatched socks and disliked socks to get a cleaner and cleaner drawer.


4. Everyone needs a drawer for socks. If you are a family of three, you need to put your socks and your wife's socks separately. At the same time, please place your baby's socks separately. The purpose of this is to improve your efficiency in finding your own socks and make it easier for your wife and children to find the socks they want. Of course, if you have elderly people in your home, please prepare a separate drawer for their socks. It's more convenient for your family to wear socks so that you can't do wrong.