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The Latest Trend of Customized Socks

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Research shows that sales of printed and patterned socks are increasing, while sales of solid color socks are declining. Because this is an era full of individuality. One popular way to express our personality is to wear different kinds of ankle tube socks with the same color and style as the wearer. Designing a pair of characteristic socks is also an expression. They are the same accessories as clothes, hats and glasses. So for sock suppliers and retailers, this means socks need more colors and designs.


It must be the designers of luxury clothing who often use rhinestones and graphics to create novel socks. Many famous designers add their famous brands to colored socks, or show high-heeled shoes with football socks at a recent fashion show. These are all symbols of fashion.


Other funky ankle socks design trends include:


66-1-colored socks

Socks with Logo

Many people want to express their support for popular brands, but they don't want to be too conspicuous. So, the perfect way is to put a brand logo on the socks, which is the most popular method among luxury brands.


Tropical Pattern

Another emerging trend in socks is the use of tropical designs and animal patterns. These include bright orange, such as palm trees, sunset, coconut, parrot and Flamingo images. Socks with tropical patterns can make you more lively and bright.


Bright Solid Color

There are a lot of people can not accept color socks, so the public still like to wear solid color socks. These colors make people look cleaner and match clothes better without getting too much attention.


Mix and Match

People who are keen on customizing socks will not stick to one design concept. They may wear plaid socks one day and striped socks the next. At the same time, they may be keen to change many vivid colors, such as purple socks or pink socks.



66-2-silk stockings

Celebrities Customize Their Own Socks

Have you ever seen Rihanna's socks on the red carpet? Her fashion is everywhere, even in the knee high socks she wears. Rapper Snoop Dogg, perhaps one of the first celebrities to design his own socks, has teamed up with several clothing brands and brought their designs to the public.


Many celebrities have to interact with their fans, and branded products like clothing are one of the ways to build that connection. In short, it's the best way to build a brand and stay relevant among fans. For many celebrities, designing clothes such as socks can provide another creative channel. Actors, musicians and other artists are naturally creative people. Usually, just focusing on their career doesn't provide them with enough creative channels, but designing their own customized socks allows them to express their creativity in a personal way.


In the final analysis, they can design their own socks by using their own fashion. And the sock boom is in full swing, with little sign of slowing down. Today's fashion people want a pair of attractive socks, while celebrities often want their names on the trend label. So as socks become more and more popular, there should be more celebrities to design their own customized socks to show their personality and creativity. It has to be said that this is a good trend, because there will be more creative fashion items - socks, in front of the public.