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The Best Dress Socks for Men in 2021

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49.Best Dress Socks

Men's Classic Dress Socks


For the more familiar with the brand, it will be no surprise to see on this list of best dress socks for men. Their dress hosiery takes a slightly different approach with a blend comprised of 72 percent polyester, 26 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex. It's a light, airy blend that will have you setting them aside when the mercury plummets but have you reaching for them over all others when it's hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk.



Men's Casual Dress Socks


Cool, colorful and casual are three words that describe these socks perfectly. Their sunny colors and lively, over the top patterns simply won't be denied. These socks are fashioned from 80 percent combed cotton which gives them a soft, supple feeling you just won't get in most dress socks, regardless of maker or price. These are breathable, moisture wicking casual dress socks that ride a fine line between novelty and practicality.


The range of themes is impressive and includes everything from pizza to fresh fruit and pie, desert landscapes, outer space, sharks, salamanders and more. They're built for fun and comfort and they deliver on both fronts. Colors are vibrant, the weave is tight and wee bit of spandex allows them to hug your feet even if you're a size 7. They're perhaps a bit heavy for summer but they'll serve you well the rest of the year, including winter.



Colorful Patterned Crew Dress Socks for Men


The colorful patterned crew dress socks fashioned from 100 percent combed cotton which means a couple of things: first, they're incredibly comfortable right out of the package and second, they're not going to stay up as well as they would if there was a bit of spandex woven in there.


As such there's no mistaking these for anything other than casual socks. And if that's what you're after you're going to be pleased as punch with these patterned crew socks. They're at their best on cool spring and autumn days but they'll be there for you on the less extreme winter days as well. They stand up reasonably well to repeated washings and they dry fast. They're also treated with antimicrobial and antifungal agents to ensure that, even if you get them wet, they're not going to breed colonies of nasty little microbes that could stink things up.



Men's Fun Dress Socks


Just because you work in an office or you're going to a wedding, it doesn't mean you can't wear socks with a bit of personality. For some of us, wearing a suit and tie can feel pretty restrictive, so novelty socks can be a great way to lift your mood slightly at work. With the Men's Fun Dress Socks, there are a bunch of different styles to choose from- from the totally outlandish socks with pictures of burgers and fries to more reserved socks with multicolored shapes. You can even get a set of socks with famous historical paintings on. Made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and Spandex, these dress socks are only really suitable in the warmer months. They don't provide any cold-weather protection and they're definitely not suitable for hiking or other outdoor activities. However, they're a great way to spice up a boring suit and make a great Christmas or birthday gift.