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Ten Tips for Keeping Your Feet Warm in Winter!

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Whether you are sleeping under a blanket or camping after a day of hiking, cold feet are annoying! Fortunately, there are some simple ways to keep your feet warm and in winter. Please wear warm thick socks and accessories following these tips.


10. warm fluffy socks

1. Choose warm, thick wool socks.


Wear cozy wool socks that are at least 70% wool-this is the best option to keep your feet warm. You can also buy thick fuzzy socks and sheepskin or sheepskin socks to improve insulation.


2. Wear insulated slippers. 


Adding slippers over your cozy toes socks will definitely help keep your feet warm. You can purchase some wool-lined or fur-lined slippers. These can be both warming and comfortable.


3.Wear your shoes on in the house. 


Unless you have a no-shoe rule in your house, keep your shoes on over your socks until you go to bed. Wear clean boots inside and wear home socks can also keep warm. These will insulate your feet and ankles and help conserve warmth.


4.Dont waer wet socks. 


If you have been wearing cosy home socks all day and your feet get sweaty, the sweat in your socks could be dampening your feet and making them cool. Wear a warm, dry pair of winter house socks and your feet will instantly feel warmer. Always take extra sports ankle socks  with you when traveling or hiking, so you have dry pairs to change into.

10.cozy wool socks

5.Warm up your body


It's really hard to warm up your feet if the rest of your body is cold. Wrap yourself in a blanket, put on an extra sweater, or soak in a hot bath. Once you warm up your center body, you'll be better able to warm your feet.


6.Put on a hat

It may sound silly to wear a hat to try to warm up your feet, but it can help! You lose a lot of heat from your head, and the colder your body is the colder your feet will be. Slip on a cozy hat to save body heat and encourage warmer feet.


7.Warm your socks in the dryer. 


Pop some warm fuzzy socks in the dryer for up to 10 minutes before wearing them. They will be toasty warm when they come out! If you don't have a dryer, try ironing your socks to warm them up.


8.Put your feet in warm water. 


If possible, take a hot shower or soak in a hot bath. It will warm up your whole body including your feet. Soak them for as long as you'd like, just keep adding hot water so it doesn't cool down.


9.Heat up a rice bag and wrap it around your feet. 


When you're cold, microwave your rice bag for 1 ½ - 2 ½ minutes. Drape it over your feet. How long you should heat your rice bag varies by microwave, so always carefully test the temperature.


10.Keep a hot water bottle. 


Put a heated water bottle under or on top of your feet to warm them up quickly. Take it off after a while when it starts to cool down. Make sure the hot water bottle has a cover, and that it is not too hot. Wear warm fluffy socks first to avoid putting the water bottle straight onto your skin.