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Something You Want to Know about Crew Socks!

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Crew sock is one of many lengths of socks that typically reach just below the calf muscle. They mainly have three types: dress crew sockscasual crew socks and athletic crew socks. You may have many crew socks sitting in your drawers all year long. Let's talk about the things you could possibly want to know about crew socks.


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How Do Crew Socks Come Up?


The term ‘crew sock’ surfaced in public in 1948 when it was added to the dictionary. The name is based on military regulations, specifically naval. The yeoman, a member of the United States Navy that performs administrative work, would order standard-sized garments for the ship’s crew. In other words, everyone on the crew would wear the same length of socks. These regulation standards were then made available to nonmilitary distributors after WWII. Hopefully this is starting to clear up the murky parts that led to your question, what are crew socks in the first place. 


Whats the length of Crew Socks? 


Crew sock lengths can vary significantly according to different brands,  Most crew socks are around 6-8 inches from the heel to the top of the cuff. They come in varying lengths, including the standard length crew cut socks, ¼ crew, and ¾ crew. You may be wondering, what is the difference between crew socks and ankle socks? Both are common cuts for casual socks, so they tend to get confused. Ankle socks are shorter than crew socks, as they only come up to the ankle. 


Crew socks also come in a smaller version called micro crew socks. You can think of them as mini crew socks, and some refer to them as quarter crew socks. They’re shorter than classic crew socks, but they have length on the ankle sock that reaches to mid-calf. This micro version is an excellent fit for high top shoes as it prevents chafing at the ankles. These socks are also an excellent selection for hotter days, and many hiking socks come in micro crew length.


Crew Socks Are The Most Popular Sock

Crew socks are everyday socks that are comfy, adaptable, versatile and utilitarian. Of all the socks you can name and pick from, crew socks are the most popular garment in the sock industry. Can you picture a crew sock? Sometimes we’re absent-minded about the items that give us the most regular use. Crew socks are generally ribbed at the ankles, and they are thick socks. You can pick black crew socks, white crew socks and thick cotton socks for any season and they wont go wrong.


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Materials of Crew Socks 


What are crew socks made of? Typically crew socks are made from 100% cotton. But that standard has begun to shift slightly in the world of socks. Now, there are more cotton-polyester blends. Other synthetic materials, like spandex, are used as well. Nowadays, you can even choose fancy crew socks that are manufactured from wool and silk. 


Choose Crew Socks That Fit Your Feet 


Generally speaking, many people just choose a normal size of crew socks that can fit feet.If your feet are larger or smaller, you should look for a tailored crew sock. The last thing you want is a sock that chafes because it doesn’t fit the bed of the foot. You also don’t want to go too small with your sizing, or it will result in that uncomfortable red mark that you notice on your leg when you slip your socks into the laundry bin.