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Socks in Popular Culture

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When something becomes a story line in a movie or TV program, or is widely mentioned in the news, and becomes a cultural feature in the minds of a generation, you will know that it is very popular. That's what people wear in socks.


Socks used to be a boring topic, but they are becoming an important part of modern popular culture. Today, the major sock manufacturers are committed to displaying the colorful socks of celebrities. You may not know that celebrities talk about socks when they talk about movies and books, such as actor James Van der Beek, who once told American weekly that he never wears white or black socks. To many people's surprise, this trend began more than a decade ago. Here are the unforgettable uses of socks in television, literature and Politics:


70-1-bright socks

Socks on TV

Socks are the main element of Seinfeld's season 6 premiere, called partner. When Elaine first became an assistant to businessman Mr. Pitt, her first task was to find a pair of cozy socks suitable for Mr. Pitt, which proved to be much more difficult than expected. Elaine spent a lot of time throughout the show to help the boss try on multiple pairs of socks until they were all worn out. Elaine nearly broke down in the search for socks, just to find a comfortable and decent pair of socks for her boss.


In the hit TV show "bone," socks are used to characterize the important role of agent Seeley booth. Actor David Boreanaz plays booth, an FBI agent who works with forensic anthropologists to solve crime problems. He is a detective in this book. One of his characteristics is wearing bright socks. His striped colored socks reflect the contradictions in his character. On the one hand, he is reliable and follows the rules of the alphabet. On the other hand, he is an eccentric, just like his eccentric socks.


Socks in Literature

One of Dr. suss's most popular books, called fox in socks, contains many pages of tongue twisters. "There will never be enough socks," sighs Dumbledore, the character in the recent young adult novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone Socks in literature are slightly different from those in real life. They may be used to express some things abstractly.



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Socks in Politics

Socks not only appear on TV and literature, but also make headlines on the political stage. I believe many people recall the pink socks President George HW Bush wore in the presidential library a few years ago for his son.


Time goes back 50 years, and the father of another American president, John F. Kennedy, said of his famous son: "he may be the president, but he will still wash my socks when he comes home." Socks have a very long history, from remote ancient times, to the modern, her use is constantly updated. At first, socks were used to cover the feet, and people didn't care what material it was. Gradually, socks become the necessity of warmth, and then, socks have extended a variety of materials to show its various functions. Most importantly, today, socks have been given a new function to show personality.