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Sock Culture Around the World

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Ankle crew socks are a kind of warm covering and can also represent a culture. In different countries and regions, people's understanding of socks is slightly different. Let's take a look at the preferences of people all over the world for all kinds of socks.


67-1-Mens sports socks

American Sock Culture

Socks are not a major part of American culture, but they are becoming a prominent fashion expression. There are many celebrities who have their own sock styles. For example, athletes often show off their fashionable socks, and CEOs of high-tech companies are famous for wearing mens colored ankle socks.


So how do people in other countries treat socks? In many parts of the world, best ankle socks are an important part of fashion, culture and tradition. It is an indispensable part of people's life, so people pay more and more attention to its kind of material.


New York company, which provides sock ordering service, has conducted a survey on sock preference in Europe:



Italian Sock Culture

Italians change their branded ankle socks the most. According to statistics, one in ten people change their socks more than once a day. A typical Italian buys more than 16 pairs of socks a year and is keen to change socks frequently. Maybe Italians have some mild cleanliness problems. Most of them change their socks every day, which is a very interesting phenomenon.


67-2-Five finger socks

Sock Culture in Switzerland

Compared with Italians, only 70% of Swiss people change their fashion ankle socks every day. One in six people wear the same pair of socks for two consecutive days, and two in ten change their socks more than two days later. Perhaps most Swiss people are more relaxed and lazy, and change socks less often.


Sock Culture in Other European Countries

The French buy nine pairs of new socks a year, and on average only two-thirds change their soft ankle socks every day. People in Austria will buy more socks, but this may be because many men's ankle socks are probably bought for them by their spouses.


Germany, on the other hand, has an average of 24 pairs of socks per person, the largest number of socks in any European country. In addition, Germany is one of the few places in the world where socks can be worn with sandals, which is one of their cultures.


Sock Culture in Asia

Besides, besides the United States and Europe, Asian sock culture has a more unique side, among which the Japanese sock culture is the most special. Due to cultural requirements, in Japan, people who are indoors must take off their shoes whenever they are indoors. People's feet and socks are often seen in front of others. Therefore, it is necessary for you to wear socks in Japan and avoid wearing dirty socks.


Because socks have the same status as shoes in many cultures, they have also been designed into many styles. One of the most popular is the traditional socks, which are usually used with Japanese kimonos. At the same time, five finger socks are also very popular in Japan, the same popular is the color socks with animation characters. And silk stockings are also unique characteristics of Japanese sock culture.


When it comes to sock culture, in China, you can even visit museums specializing in socks. The sock Culture Museum in Fangshan District of Beijing has a huge collection of 34000 square feet and more than 1000 items. The museum's exhibits include the sock making machine, the history of socks, the culture of socks, the color scheme of socks, etc.