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Should Politicians Wear Fashionable Socks?

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Everyone will wear socks, and as color ankle socks have become a fashion, this has led to a series of thinking - how do politicians use socks to match clothes?



68-2-Blue and white striped socks

Canadian Politicians

After winning the election, Canadian President trudo Justin has established a different country in 2015. He seems to have the youthful vigour of a few politicians. Not only in the election campaign, but also with his wife in public.


At the same time, the president showed his youthful attitude in a more subtle way, that is, the fashionable socks he was wearing. Even as an official, Trudeau avoided wearing traditional socks. He often wears eye-catching socks to make himself more fashionable.

At the 2015 Canadian provincial heads of government meeting, he wore colorful maple leaf socks, a symbol of patriotism. At the NATO conference in Brussels, one always wears a blue sock and a pink one, and each sock has a NATO flag printed on the side. In addition, he has repeatedly put on socks decorated with Star Wars characters to show his youth and liveliness.


Although colorful socks are becoming more and more popular in business and people's lives, they have not yet become the main theme of politics. There are only a few examples of politicians wearing fashionable socks. For example, former President George HW Bush wore pink socks for his son in 2013. Recently, Republican Senator Tim Scott wore socks with pink and blue dots. Although this trend is not yet fully popular in politics, it is time. Because, one of the most important skills of all politicians is communication, and most of one's communication is nonverbal, such as clothing, temperament, gestures, etc. Like other accessories, the color of socks can convey some people's personality and attributes.



Red represents passion, blue symbolizes integrity, green is the color of dedication and commitment, and purple represents the desire for fame. For men, wearing pink socks can show bravery and personality. It has the color that traditionally matches the feminine temperament. The brighter the color you wear, the happier and more optimistic you are.



68-1-Polka Dot socks

Custom Socks

Different patterns of custom-made dress socks have also brought a lot of impact on people's lives. Just like some leaders, they can communicate with fashionable socks and show their personality, which is also a development direction of today's political trend. Because only when politicians show their personalities will the people know them better and vote for them.


The meaning of different kinds of socks on politicians is different from that of ordinary people, because politicians represent a new spirit or culture. Most of them want to have their own sock logo, to show their personality, to close to the hearts of the people. And you have to know that brightly colored and uniquely designed socks can be a chip to attract young voters. Although this kind of dress does not bring any substantial ancestral use to millennials, it can make their image closer to life. People in this era seem to pay more attention to uniqueness and individuality.


Therefore, please do not underestimate the power of a pair of socks. At the right time, it may allow you to capture the hearts of ordinary people, and even allow you to win a lot of votes.