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Shock! Do you know these secrets of socks?

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Socks are essential items in life, they can keep our feet warm and dry. We have different socks, such as cosy home socks, five finger socks, ankle length socks, cozy cabin socks, knee length socks, etc. However, ordinary socks have played a vital role in the history of the world and have a place in the cultural and fashion halls of fame.


84-1 brightly colored socks.


1. Romans and socks

Ancient Roman culture has a long history, and those ancient and lively cultures have given the reputation of "sock". It comes from the Latin "soccus", which means loose slippers worn by Roman comedians on stage. "Soccus" has no tie or buckle and is made of leather or woven fabric. It was obviously inspired by what they saw on stage, and was therefore welcomed by the public.



2. Shake those socks

Prehistoric ancestors made basic socks by wrapping animal skins on their feet and calves and tying them to their ankles to keep them in shape. Presumably, this will not only help cover their feet and keep them warm and dry, but also add extra protection when looking for mammoths.



3. Filler

Throughout European history, stockings have been a highly sought after fashion statement. Nobles, royals and famous people wear the best, knee-high stockings to show off their wealth, and they can buy things to match with other gorgeous clothing. However, making stockings by hand is a difficult and laborious process. By 1598, people of all walks of life had discovered the benefits of socks and stockings made of wool, so the British priest William Lee invented this knitting machine to make the production of popular knitwear faster than manual production is eight times faster.


84-2 eye-catching socks


4. Timing

Fashionable socks lovers cannot leave home without the cool socks with eye-catching patterns. They will be interested to learn that the design name for the ankle or side of the socks is called the clock. The name dates back to the 16th century.


5. Socks and sleep

Experts believe that wearing a pair of warm, fluffy socks when you go to night can help you improve your sleep quality because they can promote healthy blood flow in your feet and prevent you from catching a cold when you wake up in the middle of the night. It is worth trying when we fall into winter and cold weather.



6. Strange Socks Day

This is a great topic that can be included in all the interesting facts about children's socks. National Fancy Socks Day is held in mid-November every year to mark the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week. A great way for young people to remember the importance of making people personal! In addition, on World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, children will have another chance to wear fancy or brightly colored socks. Similarly, the use of eye-catching socks is a powerful sign of accepting and celebrating the differences and diversity between us, while raising funds for major causes.



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