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Preparation of Customized Socks

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Do you know what a good promotion brand is?

1. It can be widely used to attract all kinds of potential customers.

2. Unique and special.

3. Things that can be purchased in large quantities relatively cheaply, but are not cheap disposable items.


These are attributes of custom socks. If you are a distributor of promotional products and are offering new solutions to customers, custom fuzzy house socks may be the best answer.


72-1-boat socks

Socks provide customers with a variety of choices, from the sock itself:

1. Length: ankle socks, boat socks, medium hose, Quarter Socks, knee socks, etc.

2. Style: custom dress socks, crew socks, etc.

3. Color: you can choose from more than 1000 yarn colors.

At the same time, you can also use custom packaged socks to enhance your brand effect. Two popular options for custom packaging are: a ribbon label wrapped around the middle of each pair of folded socks and printed on card paper. Or folded on the cuff of the sock and printed on card paper.


The Audience of Customized Socks

1. Education: colleges and universities can convey the spirit of the school by offering socks with names and logos to new students or selling socks on campus.

2. Finance: banks and credit cooperatives can present a pair of exquisite brand socks to customers who open new accounts.

3. Non profit organizations: non profit organizations can thank donors with a pair of customized comfortable socks.

4. Construction: the company can distribute brand socks at trade fairs and job fairs.

5. Club: there is nothing like a pair of customized socks to show your membership in the organization.

6. Real estate: agents can provide brand socks for new customers and potential customers.

7. Automobile industry: many companies in the automobile industry have uniforms, so they can provide their employees with socks matching with their uniforms to increase their professionalism.


72-2-Medium hose

Reasons for the Success of Famous Sock Brands

At present, socks are dominated by many emerging small brands, and there is no obvious winner. Socks are becoming more and more a fashion statement. People want to know the types and brands of socks they wear. Here are three key product elements for a successful sock brand


Color and design. Today's trend is towards bold design, and the days of mixing socks with one's clothes are disappearing, and socks are now the most important accessory. These socks show the different personalities of different people and will not be regarded as weird. Therefore, sock brands should continue to strive to provide bold and novel socks.


Length and fit. Like all clothes, people tend to choose the right socks. Good socks should not make the wearer uncomfortable. In other words, you need to set the size correctly and the length must be suitable for the activity. A good sock brand is always keen to provide a variety of length of fitting socks.

Durability. A good pair of socks can withstand repeated cleaning. High quality socks can enable consumers to enjoy their favorite socks for a long time without worrying about being worn out or replaced frequently. High quality sock brand can gain long-term trust of users and cultivate their loyalty to the brand. If you want to create a great sock brand, please grasp the above three key elements correctly.