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Notes on Logo of Customized Socks

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The logo on your ankle socks is one of your most important brand assets. It expresses your identity and work with your customers and prospects in a visual way. It can usually build trust between you and your customers and show your personality.


Therefore, when designing logos on your customized mid crew socks, it is most important to design in a way that protects the brand and does not damage the brand.


Here are three design considerations for combining a logo with a custom crew grip sock.



61-1-Striped socks

Keep the Logo Visible

Colorful and fun cotton ankle socks are the best way to differentiate your brand. However, if your logo is lost in a certain sock style, it may do more harm to the vision than good.


Striped ankle socks and other complex patterned socks may mask your logo. So make sure the logo is well separated from these design elements.


If you want to make socks more colorful, you can use the black gray white logo to stand out from the overall design of men's cozy socks.


If your soft fuzzy socks are designed in black, blue or other dark colors, you may need to use a white logo. In contrast, a lighter background color usually requires a dark logo.



Choose the Color That Suits Your Logo

If you are going to use a full-color version of the logo, it is important to use a variety of color schemes for best cozy socks design. Traditionally, colors that are directly opposite to each other (e.g., red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange) in a chromatogram are considered complementary.


If you look at a traditional color wheel, any three colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel work well together. Colors that form equilateral triangles or rectangles on the color wheel also work well together.


In sports, many athletes like to wear socks with logo, which will make them more professional. Therefore, when designing sports socks, the logo should be more prominent, such as the use of red, dark blue, black logo.


In the workplace, people want to wear socks to show their professionalism and decency. Therefore, in such occasions, the logo of socks is not easy to be too obvious, which makes people feel disgusted. On the contrary, in this kind of workplace, you need to match the socks with more comfortable and appropriate style. Don't exaggerate, just be suitable.



61-2-crew socks

Make Your Logo More Eye-catching

Many companies have brand standards or guidelines, and these rules usually stipulate that logos should not be overcrowded. Whether it's on a website or a clothing company, logos should stand out and not be crowded with other text or graphics. You should do the same when you order fuzzy ankle socks. You need to make sure that there are no onerous icons or other graphics crowding with your logo. Ideally, there should be some space around the logo on the sock.


The logo, style or material of socks have different requirements in different occasions. Whether it's silk socks, ankle socks, plush socks, you just need to choose what suits you, which is the most important thing.