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How to wear socks with boots?

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Matching socks with boots is not only a practical way to keep your legs warm, but it can also add a stylish and interesting element to any outfit. Due to the wide variety of boots and socks, there are many possibilities when combining the two. Below we introduce several ways to match socks and boots, hope you like them.



97-1 embellished knee-high sock

Socks and boots matching skills


1. Ankle boots style socks

Tie long stockings around your ankles to relax. Pair your ankle boots with knee high socks, which will wrap around the top of the boot. Socks strapped in this way can create a relaxed and casual look, perfect for skinny jeans. Pull the knee high fuzzy socks over the jeans and bend them down toward the boots. Tie them conspicuously around your ankles, or gently lower the socks to make them look casual.


2. Wear short socks and barely show ankle boots

If you want to highlight your socks without explaining too much, you can try a short socks, which hardly show up on the boots. Pair them with skinny jeans or pants, preferably not over-thick pants. You will tuck your pants into your socks, so it is best to avoid wearing too thick pants. Ideally, you need to wear socks that extend an inch (or shorter) from the top of the boot.


3. Socks with high boots

Wear socks that are as high as your knees or upper thighs. When wearing high boots, you will want to find socks that extend at least a few inches at the top of the boot. If you are wearing boots with obvious calves, you will want to find a sock below the knee. If you are wearing knee-high boots, find over-knee socks. High socks are the perfect complement to any outfit. Not only do they add warmth to your legs, but they also help increase size and style.


97-2 right cozy socks

4. Choose socks according to thickness

When choosing the right cozy socks with boots, you need to consider their thickness. When you want a subtle look or wear socks on bare legs, thinner socks will work better. On the other hand, thick socks are ideal if you want a loose, shrunken look. Thick socks can provide you with more working space and provide more volume and size for your clothes.


5. Try to use different colors to complete the overall look

Since you use socks as accessories, the color of the socks will have a major impact on your dress. Neutral color socks will usually blend with your clothes to make your appearance more perfect without making the socks stand out. Colored, patterned or embellished socks will become eye-catching items.


6. Find tall socks that have embellishments at the cuff.

An embellished knee-high sock looks wonderful when worn with tall boots, especially when you are wearing simple boots that don't have a lot of buckles or decorative features. Look for tall socks that feature lace, buttons, fun patterns, or an interesting texture change at the cuff of the sock.