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How to wear socks and boots?

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Socks boots are made to fit snugly on your ankles. They are comfortable and versatile, and can add a touch of fashion to any outfit. Usually, you will find sock boots made of materials such as suede, leather, neoprene and knitted fabrics. These fashionable boots come in many styles and you can dress as you like, so you will definitely find a pair of shoes that perfectly match your personal style and wardrobe! Below we specifically introduce how to wear socks boots.



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How to choose the right sock boots

1. Buying boots in neutral colors is the most versatile choice. Socks boots come in many colors, but if you want to wear them with anything, you can buy classic neutral shoes, such as black, brown or nude. In this way, when you wear colorful clothes, they will not conflict, but they will also match more delicate clothes. Choosing a neutral color can also make your fashionable socks boots more suitable for work.


2. Choose bright or unique colors of socks boots to add pop to your clothes. If your style is biased towards boldness, try choosing a pair of boots in interesting colors. You can wear them with neutral outfits to add splash of color, or you can mix and match shades to add interesting contrast.


3. Try sock boots made of velvet or suede, which look elegant. Sock boots can be worn neater, especially if you buy sock boots with rich fabrics like velvet or suede. For example, matching velvet sock boots with tulle skirts will create an unforgettable evening look. These types of sock boots are usually more expensive than socks made of artificial leather or neoprene.



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Socks boots daily collocation recommendation

1. Balance a bulky sweater or jacket with short boots. Socks and boots can make your legs look longer or thinner. When you are wearing a large or oversized sweater or coat, this is a great way for them to add slim contrast. Wearing a loose mid-length skirt can bring more contrast to your tight socks. Try to wear sock boots with casual one-piece jumpsuits to keep up the trend.


2. Wear socks boots with a sweater skirt to create a comfortable look. The fashionable appearance of socks boots can add a touch of taste to the original low-maintenance sweater dress. Comfortable sock boots will counteract the feeling of wearing comfort, but also attract your legs, creating a flattering silhouette. Try to tighten the sweater skirt with a belt to create a flared shape at the bottom. This will create more contrast with slim sock boots.


3. Pair your sock boots with wide-leg jeans. Since sock boots fit your legs, they look great under wide-leg jeans. For fashionable everyday clothing, try wearing a pair of bright sock boots under wide-leg jeans, and then put on a shirt in the color that matches the boots.


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