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How to wear sneakers with socks?

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Socks may be the most overlooked item in the people’s collection. But details determine success or failure, socks determine clothing. The highlight of men's wear is often the ankle. If you can wear the quality of the details of the socks, the style of wearing is definitely the winning factor for men to enhance their taste. There are no fixed rules for matching shoes and socks. In order to increase personal charm and temperament, male friends may wish to learn how to match shoes and cozy cabin socks, and add points to their own image!



94-2 light gray socks

Points to wear sneakers with socks

1. Striped socks + printed sneakers

Light blue denim shirt, classic and fashionable style, roll up the sleeves, and add a casual and unruly chic, put the shirt into the black high-waist skirt, creating a vibrant and youthful college style, it’s very thin, bare legs wearing striped socks and printed sneakers, it looks very sunny.


2. Light gray socks + white sneakers

Black slim-fitting blazer, classic double-breasted design and slim-fitting style, it is very classic and temperament, with a blue bottoming shirt and a black short skirt underneath. The irregular design makes the legs more slender, and the top is tied. In the skirt, wear a good body proportion, and match with light gray socks and white sneakers to create a casual OL style.


3. Pile of socks + gray sneakers

The long pink pullover is sweet and cute when worn as a skirt. The pink and fresh tone brings out fair complexion. The loose version and drop-shoulder design make girls look more delicate and pleasant. Although there is no decorative embellishment, it is also very fresh and fashionable. With beautiful legs, pile of socks and grey sneakers, the whole person is cute.


94-1 striped socks


Tips for daily shoes with socks

1. When encountering thick flat soles or short boots, the exposed length of socks is best to be less than 5cm beyond the ankle boots. It's fashionable to show a piece of socks this year!


2. For patent leather, reflective leather, grain calfskin and other high-quality ankle high-heel boots, in order to increase the overall high-level texture. Regardless of the reflectivity of the upper, the socks in the ankle-length high-heeled boots should be exposed to 2cm.


3. If it is high-heeled boots made of special materials, such as transparent, snow boots, etc., remember that the height of the socks should not show the boots, otherwise it will increase the visual burden! Of course, if it is an ankle boot with a metal surface material, you can consider putting cozy socks inside. The exposed height of the socks should be less than 5cm in the middle and low heels and less than 2cm in the high heels.



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