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How to wear knee high socks?

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Recently, knee-high socks have a tendency to become popular. Knee-high socks can make you look more fashionable, and using them can also make you look retro. For example, they look great with shorts, skirts, dresses, heels, boots and many other clothes. You can use them to match fashionable items to create a stylish, layered look, too.


8-1 white knee high socks

Choosing Your Socks


Knee high socks have many colors such as white knee high socks, black knee high socks and so on. But if you want a balanced and stylish choice, please choose neutrals such as black, navy and brown so that you will have a versatile sock option. These socks are suitable for almost any outfit. Since the neutral is dark, your clothes look balanced overall, rather than too bright or loud.


In addition, there are many colorful knee high socks. If you aren’t afraid to have all eyes on you,you can try a colored pair of knee-high socks, such as red knee high socks, orange knee high socks and other colors. This is a good way to add a pop of color to a piece of neutral clothing. Knee high socks have many kinds of colors, you should carefully match your clothes.



Pairing Socks with Outfits


It will bring a springtime look when you wear knee high socks with shorts and a tee. If you want to wear knee-high socks in warm weather, you can choose a cute denim short. For instance, you can wear a graphic T-shirt, a flirty tunic, or a form-fitting tank top. By the way, it looks great with flats or boots in a neutral color. In autumn, choose a denim jacket for a casual, day-to-day option, or go for a leather blazer for an edgy, evening choice. They look great when you layer other clothing on top because knee-high socks add another layer to the bottom of the clothes. In winter, you should remember to wear another pair of tights underneath and wear a winter jacket when it’s cold outside. Besides, throw on a parka or trench coat to keep warm while outdoors.



8-2 school uniform knee high socks

Selecting Your Shoes


There are some special knee high socks boots for you to choose. You can go with a pair of heels for a flirty, dressy option,too. Heels look great with dresses and skirts in particular. If you want casual and dressy looks, knee high socks with ankle boots may be a good choice. Sexy tall shocks and a set of pumps look better together for a sexy touch when you go out for the night. Wear a pair of flats with your socks is the most common way. If you have school uniform knee high socks or you want a shoe to wear when running errands and hanging out with your friends, try pairing flats with your socks. Knee-high boots with knee length socks is a bold choice. However, you had better wear boots that are 2–3 in (5.1–7.6 cm) shorter than the height of your socks to keep your look balanced and toned down.