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How to take care of your tights?

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How often do you wear tights? Many people wear them daily. There are some tips for tights caring.


Tights is everyone's favorite. When we don't know what pants to wear, a skirt with fishnet tights outfits can be a perfect match. When we don't want to wear long trousers for fear of getting fat, wearing workout leggings tights can keep warm and self-cultivation. For such intimate colored opaque tights, you must treat them well. However, do you often get troubled by its difficult storage and inconvenient washing? Don’t worry, there are some nice solutions for you.



How often do I wash my tights?



Leggings are tight and close-fitting, which is easy to create a favorable living environment for bacteria. For the sake of health, it is recommended to wash once every 1-2 days.


At the same time, frequent washing of high waist scrunch leggings can also give the clothes breathing time, so that the fibers can regain their elasticity and original shape, and increase the service life of the clothes.


Remember to use a wash bag when washing tights


Even though many people tell us to wash the tights by hand, many people still throw it in the washing machine for saving time. However, cheap leggings with pockets fiber is delicate, and once it is scratched and silky, the gain is not worth the loss.


Therefore, people who do not want to wash by hand must prepare a washing bag. The washing bag not only prevents the best black tights from being scratched by the washing machine, but also prevents staining. If you want to wash it in a washing machine, it is best to put the leggings in a yarn-based washing bag first, and then put it in the washing machine. If you wash by hand, do not rub with hard soap or sprinkle with detergent. It is best to use detergent and rub gently with your hands.


Differentiate storage


Throughout the year, everyone has dozens of tights, and most of them are mainly black and gray. According to the brand, material and thickness of each pair of tights, the suitable season will be different.


But even if each pantyhose is placed in a dedicated drawer and separated by a storage board, it is difficult to quickly find or identify the one we need. It takes a pair of pairs to look through, and it takes time.


Therefore, when storing skin tone stockings, you can buy multiple small storage boxes. Pack a pair in a box, stick tape on the outside of the box, and mark the brand, size and color with a marker. In this way, when you need it, you can identify the pair you need at a glance.


Don't hang up tights


Many people may also find it too troublesome to storage, so they directly use hang up their tights. However, because the thigh high pantyhose is very elastic, it is easy to damage the elastic fiber when hanging for a long time, and it will be deformed. The longer it is stretched, the longer the pantyhose needs to be folded and stored.


Therefore, we can use special drawers to separate them with partitions. Mark the thickness on the front of each partition, and then stack thigh high stockings of the same thickness in a row.