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How to shrink socks?

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Most people have a pair of best cozy socks they like, and they will be disappointed when these comfortable socks are stretched out and cannot be worn. Perhaps they have stretched due to years of wear, or they are new, but not your size. In either case, there are several feasible ways to shrink your favorite socks to make them fit perfectly.



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Method 1: Wash the socks

1. Most fabrics will react to heat due to shrinkage, so please use the hottest setting for your cotton or wool socks. If you have other clothes that can be blanched, you can also add them to your clothes. If you want to shrink socks made of polyester or other synthetic materials, use the cold wash setting instead. Synthetic fibers react differently to heat, so treating them like cotton will not have the same effect!


2. Use as long as possible to wash the socks. This ensures that the socks have enough time to react to the heat and shrink. To ensure the best results, you can check the socks during the washing process. For woolen socks, use a shorter washing cycle to prevent excessive shrinkage.



Method 2: dry compression socks

1. Soak your socks. Before putting the socks in the dryer, wet the winter house socks with warm or hot water, which will help them react better to heat and shrink faster and more!


2. Set the dryer to the hottest setting for cotton or polyester socks. Use the longest possible cycle to give them enough time to shrink, and check the socks from time to time to make sure they are the correct size.


3. Set the dryer to the warm woolen socks setting. Due to the structure of natural fibers, wool is the easiest to shrink heat, so you don't need to expose wool as much as other fabrics to achieve the same effect.


4. Remove the socks from the dryer. Allow the socks to cool to room temperature before deciding whether to shrink further. If so, try cleaning and drying at high temperature again until it reaches the desired size.



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Method 3: Boiling shrink socks

Fill a large pot with  water and bring to a boil. For old, worn socks or shrink socks, boiling them in water may give you excess heat and you need to shrink them. Make sure that your water cannot be kept out of the reach of children or pets to avoid injury.


2. Add toes home socks to boiling water. Let the sock cook for about ten minutes, or longer, to make the size change more drastically. Transfer the socks from boiling water to the dryer and drain the remaining water.


3. Use the hottest dryer possible to dry the socks. After the cycle is complete, take out the sock and bring it to room temperature, and then check the size. If you want them to shrink further, try boiling them for a longer time, and then repeat these steps until they reach the size you are satisfied with.



The above is the introduction of how to shrink socks. Follow us to learn more about cozy sock fluffy sock, knee high sock, non slip no show socks and other different functional socks.