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How to sew home socks?

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When winter comes, a pair of warm home socks can help us to resist the cold. Nesting in the sofa, lying on the bed, and wearing our own sewn home socks are very comfortable. The colors of winter home socks can be matched freely, whether it is a single color or a variety of colors, each color combination is elegant and romantic. Home socks have different kinds of styles, fluffy house socks, wool house socks and so on. So how to make comfy house socks for children. It may be a little difficult for beginners, but as long as you do it carefully, you will surely succeed if you try a few more times. The specific practice is explained, and there are actual appearances for your reference. The most important thing is to practice. Socks for home seem difficult to do, but it is easy to sew them. This article introduces you to a method.



9-1 home socks

The steps

The order is to sew from 1 to 8 according to the serial number. It does not seem to be difficult. In order to help you understand better, the following is a detailed description of how a pair of cosy home socks are woven. You may need to have some basic knitting foundation. If you dont know anything about it, you can go online first. It is assumed that you have already know the basic knitting techniques.


Knitting 18 stitches from the first part. When knitting to the 15th row, start to reduce the needles, following the order of 2-1-3. After knitting the 18th row, there should be 15 needles left on the needle. At this time, adding 3 needles to let it become 18 stitches, then we should continue to knit the 18th row, complete the second part, that is, when the 33rd row, reduce the stitches 2-13 on the left, until the 36 lines are overlocked (note: the overlock direction should be toward the next piece, so that there is no need to cut short threads).

sew socks

Pick up 18 stitches from the right side of the second block, knit the 18th row and stitch it. Then pick up 18 stitches and weave 18 rows from the top of the 3rd block, then lock the edges. Knit 14 stitches from the left strip of the 4th part to 15 rows and start to reduce the needles, following the order of 2-1-3 to 18 lines and then lock the edges. (Note: When knitting the 5th part, the knitting edge should be connected to the second part, eliminating the need for stitching. The methods of the seventh and fourth parts are the same)


Pick up 18 stitches and weave 18 rows from the top of the 5th part and then lock the edge. Next pick up 18 stitches from the right of the 6th part and weave 15 rows to 18 rows (or leave 3 stitches and then weave it with the order of 2-1-3) and lock the edge. Then pick up 15 stitches from the top of the 7th part, add stitches with the order of  2-1-3 to the 18th row and lock the edges. At this point, the whole is basically completed, and finally we need to stitch the winter socks for home.


9-2 socks to walk around the house

If you want your baby to walk on the ground, want socks to walk around the house you can install a hard bottom for them in order to be used as small shoes.