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How to select yoga socks for men?

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One of the advantages of yoga is that very little workout equipment is required. But if you do yoga without taking the right yoga socks, you may find yourself "ice-skating" along the floor instead of holding your stance, which could lead to a serious injury. So, if you want to have a good meditative workout, why not replace your usual socks with the best yoga socks for men? Here we will review some of the most masculine popular yoga Pilates socks on the market.


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What are Yoga Socks?


Yoga socks come in many forms. Their main purpose is to give you added grip and stability while you hold tricky yoga poses. This is why yoga socks will have durable grips on the sole. Most yoga socks have also been designed to breathe well to add to a pleasant workout. They are also generally very comfortable.


Socks for yoga may look like regular ankle socks or they may sport a unique look like a 5-toe or toeless design.


What Features of Yoga Socks For Men should I kook for?


When it comes to purchasing yoga socks that you're going to be satisfied with, then you may want to consider a few notable features before making your purchase. Whilst the look and style will appeal to you, the material used plays a big role in terms of comfort.



Yoga socks such as high waisted yoga leggings need to help maintain the comfort of your feet during even the most challenging workouts. That's why the materials they have been designed from should be an important deciding factor.


Most yoga leggings with pockets will be made of 100% natural fiber such as cotton, wool, and bamboo but more affordable options may be made from blended or fully synthetic materials. Natural fibers breathe well which means your feet won't get wet and sweaty easily.


At the same time, the material you choose will also impact the amount of stretch you will have while you navigate your way in and out of your asanas. Blended and synthetic tightest yoga pants typically give the best stretch and flexibility.


Sweat Absorption

Sweat absorption in knee high yoga socks will make your routine a more pleasurable experience. If an over the knee yoga sock can absorb sweat well, then your feet and the floor you are working out on will be kept in a better state of hygiene. Keep an eye out for socks that feature moisture-wicking properties. Moisture-wicking is a sock's ability to allow wetness to be pulled from the skin and to the outside of the fabric so that the moisture can evaporate. This will leave your feet feeling dry and more comfortable.



Colour generally comes down to personal preference, although more neutral tones suit the meditative art of yoga better.



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How Do You Wash Yoga Socks?


Before washing your yoga socks, read the label for washing guidelines. Most socks will fare well in the washing machine but some may need to be hand-washed. If you are using a washing machine, stick to a cold and gentle cycle and air dry instead of using a dryer. If you are using a washing machine, we suggest that you turn your socks inside out. This way, the grips will stay in place and the stickiness will not wear out too quickly.