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How to organize socks?

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Everyone has a lot of socks, especially girls, ankle sock low cut sock, cozy sock fluffy sock, knee high sock, invisible trainer socks and other different types of socks seem to fill the closet. Do you know how to organize socks reasonably? Below SHUNMA introduces some tips on socks tidying, hope it can help you.


82-1 cozy sock fluffy sock


Tips for organizing socks

1. Put all mismatched socks into one category. Take the time to match your socks and group them with designated matches. When pairing, put all the unmatched socks in a pile and see if all the socks match. Socks that do not match can be discarded and used as rags or made into crafts (such as hand puppets).


2. You should only keep the socks you need every day, and throw away any socks with holes or stains. Otherwise, you can wear socks in your spare time. The exception may be your favorite holiday-themed socks, but you only wear them at certain times of the year.


3. Fold the socks to prevent them from being stretched. People usually roll the socks into a ball, but this will stretch the elastic. Instead, place the sock on top of its game and fold the paper stack once, if the sock is longer, fold the paper stack once. This creates a beautiful appearance in the drawer and prevents damage to the socks. Depending on the length of the socks, you may need to fold the socks more than twice to make them the same folded size as other socks.


4. Sort your socks to separate all the different colors. Group socks with similar colors into a group, you can easily find the socks you need. Put all white socks, dark socks, and multi-colored socks into different groups so that you can prepare them for putting them in the drawer. If you have a lot of multi-colored socks, you can also separate them by color, such as all blue, yellow, green or patterned socks.


82-2 knee high sock

5. Organize socks by use to easily pick out the socks you need. If you wear different socks on different occasions, divide them into different categories. You may have a bunch of socks to wear for school, another winter home socks for the winter, and another Christmas house socks to wear a different pattern for the holidays. Determine which grouping is best for you and start sorting. Sort all the socks you wear every day in the front of the drawer, and sort the fuzzy house socks that you don't wear often backwards.



6. Arrange socks according quantity. If you have a lot of socks, you might consider stacking them together so that they all fit. If you want to be able to see all the socks at once, put them on their side so that you can easily pick out the socks you want. Stack similar socks together, such as all white socks or patterned socks.



Organizing socks is a quick and easy task that can save you a lot of time when choosing clothes in the future. What are your socks finishing skills? Welcome to share with us.