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How to match various socks in fashion?

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Socks are often overlooked in our daily collocation. Wearing socks should not only be comfortable but also fashionable. Let’s talk about how to make socks a good match for us today.


91-1 Pure cotton sock


Types of socks


Invisible socks (boat socks)

For people who do not choose socks at all, it is a welfare item. Other socks will have the risk of leaking out, and they will appear uncoordinated if they are not worn properly. In order to avoid everything that might go wrong, just hide the socks directly.


Choosing this invisible socks mainly depends on three points;

① Hemming design. The hemming of the socks can better prevent the deformation of the socks, and there will be no uncomfortable feeling of curling when wearing.

② Anti-drop heel design. The heel of this kind of invisible socks is easy to fall off. If there is no anti-skid design on the back heel, it is easy to fall off the heel, which will greatly reduce its comfort.

③ Thick design. The fastest place to wear socks is the thumb area, especially the thumb can ruin a lot of your socks. The thicker design can extend the life of socks.


Matching guide: For some shallow shoes, only invisible socks are the most suitable, and the summer is more cool, no show socks is the best choice.



Short socks

Socks are commonly worn socks. The length of the socks is a few centimeters on the ankles, which can just wrap the ankles when worn. If you want to keep your socks from leaking, and you want to wear them comfortably, you need a pair of socks. Wearing high-top shoes with invisible socks will cause friction between your ankles and shoes when you walk. It will be particularly uncomfortable after walking for a long time. Low cut sock and ankle length socks can perfectly solve this trouble.



91-2 sports socks

Medium tube socks

The length of the stockings is generally in the middle of the calf. This kind of stockings is shorter and suitable for daily wear. Longer can be regarded as sports socks, keep warm and cold during exercise and promote blood circulation.

Pure cotton sock is the first choice for spring, summer and autumn. Pure cotton has strong water absorption and can absorb sweat and avoid odor. You can choose wool material sock in winter to keep you warm in cold winter, but wool is easy to pilling.



Matters needing attention with socks

1. The length of socks should be long rather than short. Usually choose middle and long socks for formal wear. When dressing with socks, the socks must not leak out of the legs.


2. Try not to wear white socks. Why can't you wear white socks? Because white socks are usually not worn well, most people in life wear dark gray suits, and white socks are not well matched. You should choose a color with low saturation. In addition to black and gray, which is the least error-prone, classic colors such as dark green and blue are recommended. They are easy to match and beautiful, and they are super practical.


3. Casual striped and polka dot socks. Stripes can be described as classic elements, a pair of striped socks and Oxford shoes are super matching, and it is formal and has a campus leisure flavor. The polka dot elements are not exaggerated on the socks, but they increase their youthfulness and are very harmonious and comfortable. If you want to highlight your personality, you can choose classic patterns, such as striped polka dots socks.