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How to match boys' socks?

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Today, socks have gradually deviated from a single function, and the demand for fashion is even more important. Whether it is attending important events, gatherings, or daily casual travel, socks not only represent your aesthetic attitude, but also highlight your etiquette. There is a saying that goes like this: To judge whether a boy understands life and is good enough in self-discipline, you can know by looking at the socks. Let's look at how to match boys' socks.


89-1 ankle high socks


What are the classifications of socks

The simplest classification is to look at the length! The shortest is boat socks, also known as invisible socks, which originated in Japan (in Japan many indoor shoes are not worn, so there are boat socks). It is commonly used with various canvas shoes, board shoes and sports shoes. Generally, there are more ways to wear exposed ankles and trousers.


Then there are short socks, which refer to socks that grow to near the ankles, which are commonly found in various sports shoes and sneakers. The second is the middle socks. The length covers the ankles. It is one of the socks that are easy to match. The last is the long socks, mostly to the middle of the calf. Commonly found in business gentleman black socks, simple casual white socks, and trendy jacquard styles.



89-2 Knee length socks

What are the matching skills of socks

Socks matching skills are divided into two parts, one is color matching skills, and the other is style skills.


Color matching skills

1. Black, white and gray socks are suitable for matching black, white and gray shoes.

2. In terms of socks color, white is the most versatile, followed by black. So black and white socks are essential socks for boys.


3. If the colors of shoes and pants are relatively dark, you can use the color of socks to brighten them. The shoes and socks are dark in color, which will have a high effect.


4. If the color of the socks is not black, white and gray, they should echo the colors of other clothing. Echoing refers to the echoing of the colors of socks and shoes, clothes or accessories. The echo color can refer to the complementary color, contrast color, medium color, similar color and same color of the color circle. The smaller the echo color angle, the less likely it is to make mistakes, so the same color echo is the safest.


Style matching skills

1. No show liner socks and no slip no show socks are suitable for almost all shoes, except mid-high shoes.

2.Below ankle socks and ankle high socks are not suitable for leather shoes, and leather shoes generally choose stockings.

3. Knee length socks don't pick shoes, but they must match the appropriate style and color.

4. Canvas shoes are often paired with boat socks, short socks and middle socks. Sports shoes are often paired with ankle socks, middle socks and stockings. Leather shoes are often paired with boat socks and plus size knee high socks.

5. There are niche socks such as snowflake socks, yuppie socks and retro ethnic socks, which are commonly paired with jogging shoes, leather shoes and tooling shoes respectively.



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