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How to look for the right socks size for your feet?

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Sock sizing can be listed in different ways, depending on the brand. However, as long as you know your foot length and your shoe size, you should have no problem picking the right pair of socks for your feet. Since socks are stretchy, one pair of socks can fit a range of different foot sizes, so don’t stress too much about finding an exact size. Just make sure you understand how the sizes work for the brand of socks you want to buy, then use your foot length or shoe size to purchase a pair that fits. There are some tips of how to decide the size of socks.

36.winter house socks

1. By Foot Length

Stand on a ruler and measure the length of the longest part of your foot. Place a ruler flat on the ground and put 1 foot on top of it, with your heel at the start of the ruler. Look at the number where the tip of your longest toe rests to find the length of your foot in inches or centimeters, depending on what system you use where you live.


If you live in the United States or Canada, measure in inches. If you live in the UK or Australia, measure in centimeters.


For example, if your longest toe is the toe right next to your big toe, read the number right in front of that toe to find your precise foot length.


You can also get your feet measured at a shoe store or in the shoe department of a department store.

Look at sizes available for a pair of socks such as fuzzy ankle socks to see how the size is listed. 


Sock sizes are usually listed by inches, centimeters, or as small, medium, and large. Check the tags on the best men's ankle socks if you’re shopping in person or look at the drop-down sizing menu if you’re shopping online to see how that particular brand lists size.


If the socks you want to buy such as winter house socks are listed in sock sizes instead of foot lengths, move on to the next method.


36.fuzzy ankle socks

2. By Socks Sizes


2-1. Pick small socks for women’s shoe sizes 4-7. 


Size "small" socks are for smallest available for adult feet. Purchase small ankle socks if you wear women’s shoes in this size range. Size ranges may vary slightly by brand.


These are US shoe sizes, which also apply to Canada and Australia (women's sizes only).


(1) UK women's size equivalent: 2-5

(2) Euro women’s size equivalent: 35-38


Online sellers often have a handy socks sizing chart you can use.

2-2. Get medium socks for women’s shoe sizes 7.5-10 or men’s 5.5-8.5.


These are the US shoe size ranges used for most medium socks. Keep in mind ranges may vary slightly by brand.


(1) UK women's size equivalent: 5.5-8

(2) UK/Australia men's size equivalent: 5-8

(3) Euro women’s size equivalent: 36-40

(4) Euro men’s size equivalent: 38-42

Choose large socks for women’s shoe sizes 10.5-13.5 or men’s 9-12. Large socks fit feet that are reach the higher end of the foot length scale. Pick large socks if you wear shoes in either of these US size ranges.


(1) UK women's size equivalent: 8.5-12

(2) UK/Australia men's size equivalent: 8.5-11-5

(3) Euro women’s size equivalent: 41-44

(4) Euro men’s size equivalent: 42-45

(5) Buy extra-large socks for men’s US shoe sizes 12.5-15.5.


These are the biggest socks available and fit the feet of the largest men. Choose these if you wear men’s shoes in this size range. If your feet are any bigger than this, some sock brands may offer 2XL socks.