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How to choose suitable socks for different occasions?

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Choosing the right kinds of socks for the occasion, as well as the right colors for your mood and the most suitable material for comfort and performance involves many different decisions to be made. Here is a comprehensive guide to some of the more common sock choices and combinations to help you work out what to put on your feet. It’s no good sticking to just one kind of socks, there are many different styles designed for men, women and kids for use in different situations.


39.business ankle black socks

Dress socks


Men’s formal wear is usually not quite as complicated as it is for women. For a start, men don’t have to worry about the social devastation of turning up wearing the same outfit. They are normally all in some form of a dinner jacket or black-tie combo with opportunities for individuality somewhat limited. Low cut dress socks can also help you stand out from the crowd and show off your style.


For the most formal occasions, funky patterns or bright neons are not suitable. However, you can still enjoy a wide choice of formal white crew socks with different subtle patterns, materials and finishes. Above all, ensure that they are comfortable if your night is going to involve dancing of any substance. It’s not just women who need to watch their feet when they are up dancing on them for hours on end.


Business socks


Again, business ankle black socks usually complement a fairly standard outfit for men of a suit and tie, or maybe blazer and trousers get-up. However, whether or not your office makes you wear a tie or lets you dress down on Fridays, your cushioned ankle socks must show a degree of professionalism and decorum in a formal office setting. Choose black  crew socks, dark blue ankle socks or grey crew socks for offices with a more traditional dress code, making sure that they are slightly darker than your trousers, but lighter than your shoes if you are not wearing black ankle socks. Good quality socks will help to inform people’s opinion of you and your business skills.


39.casual crew socks

Casual socks


The good news is that, when choosing your casual crew socks, you have a much wider selection. If you are fashionable or want to present a well combination look, choose socks that go with what you are wearing in terms of colour, length, style. For a more eclectic look, you might like to opt for purposely clashing tones, socks with slogans or funky designs on the big toe, ankle or heel. Again, it is important that your casual ankle socks are comfortable, in good repair and easy to wear for whatever activity you are doing that day.


Sports socks


If that activity is something athletic or sporty, then you need to consider wearing specialist sports socks. These are made from strong materials, such as cotton, nylon or wool and are designed to wick away moisture and support your feet while you train, hike or play.


Thermal socks


Winter is made easier to bear with warm, thermal warm socks made from special materials that are designed to keep your feet warm and dry, whatever the weather. Thermal socks are great for all kinds of people, from older people protecting their health to commuters keeping warm during their journey into work. Thermal socks are made from fibres that are knitted more closely together. Thermal socks are available for men, women and children to help keep the whole family warm.


Specialist socks


Specialist socks include medical support garments, such as compression socks or stockings to help encourage blood flow to the legs and feet after an operation or when a person is sedentary or at greater risk of blood clots, for example during the later stages of pregnancy.


Different kinds of socks are intend for different occasions. People can choose the suitable socks according to different needs. You can find all kinds of socks at a wholesale price in CMAX socks. Welcome to visit our website.