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How to choose socks for people who sweat easily?

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Socks can be said to be a necessity for people. Socks are needed throughout the year. According to scientific research, a pair of good quality socks and shoes is very important to protect the health of the feet. Many people have the problem of easy sweating, so choosing a suitable pair of socks is particularly important. Here is how to choose socks for people with bad feet and sweating.



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How to choose socks for people who sweat easily

1. The first thing is to choose the material of the fluffy bed socks. According to the recommendations of the expert group, try to wear wool socks as little as possible, because the socks of this material are not easy to absorb sweat. For people with bad feet and sweating, I do not recommend you to buy them. It will keep your feet in a relatively wet state, and in severe cases, your feet may even have blisters, so it is best to choose cotton socks.


2. Be sure to choose a pair of well-fitting socks. If the socks are too loose or too tight, it is not good for the health of the feet. If the socks are too large, most of the fibers will increase the friction of the feet and damage the feet. If the skin of the site is too tight, it will make the blood flow in the feet poor, and it will be very inconvenient when exercising or walking.


3. Because people who are prone to sweating and foot odor have more bacteria on their feet, it is recommended that you choose five-finger socks or foot care massage toe socks, so that each toe will be isolated and it is not easy to spread bacteria. People with bad feet and sweating need to choose silk socks or ones with strong air permeability in summer, otherwise it will aggravate the sweating of feet.


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The secret of preventing foot odor in summer

1. Store your shoes properly. We recommend putting your shoes in a ventilated place to allow air to circulate, because moisture will accelerate the growth of bacteria, so remember to put your shoes in a place that is easy to air dry and store them in a ventilated environment after drying.

2.  Keep soaking your feet. It is also a good choice to insist on soaking your feet at home every week. Choosing three times a week is a very fast, cheap and effective way to remove bacteria. Try to put a little tea tree oil, a few spoonfuls of baking soda and a little in the basin. Salt can kill bacteria and get rid of the peculiar smell of the feet. It is recommended to clean the footbath with disinfectant after use.

3. Wear shoes with breathable effect. When you are running, you often need to wear closed shoes made of synthetic materials such as running shoes. When buying such shoes, remember to choose sports shoes with mesh or sandals to allow the air around your feet to circulate effectively. For men, it is really important to buy shoes with tiny vents.



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