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How to choose football socks?

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There are many different brands of football socks. Each brand has its own type of performance and protection technology. Depending on your level, your coach or team may require specific colors or separate brands. You can also choose a specific type of socks that meets your personal needs. Below we will introduce you how to choose football cozy socks.


96-1 football socks


The role of football socks

If football socks are not worn during the game, the player's calf muscles cannot be tightened, and it is very prone to strain. The frequency of scramble in football matches is very high. Without the protection of football socks, after the calf rubs against the ground violently, it is easy to be cut. Bleeding injuries range from bleeding to bacterial infections.


Now there is even a kind of socks for adding foot protection to prevent the opposing player from stepping on it. The position of football socks on the bottom of the foot is generally thickened. In this way, it is not easy to produce blisters when the bottom of the foot is rubbed against the sole of the foot during sudden stop, speed change and direction change.


96-2 ,football cozy socks


How to choose football socks

1. Find the right length. Each player adapts to different sock lengths. In a formal game, you may need to keep the socks at least above the shin guards. In practice, you may find that a shorter length allows more movement. Cold weather can also affect your decision. Buy socks designed specifically for your left and right feet. Invest in high-end technology to create strategic support, cushioning and comfort for each foot. These socks usually have an L or R to indicate which foot the socks are placed on.


2. Personalize your choice. Choose from a variety of technical specifications, including: ribbed ankle support, deodorant technology, mesh ventilation, Achilles tendon cushioning and arch support. For example, if you are injured or find that your shoes irritate the area while doing certain sports, you may need achilles tendon cushioning.


3. Follow your team's standards. Team managers and coaches may also be responsible for choosing team colors. They should also consider structure and sweat control, as these socks must be durable and prevent player hygiene and performance issues. Before making a final decision, consider the ratio of synthetic materials to natural materials.


Synthetic materials provide greater elasticity and help control sweat and moisture. Synthetic materials include polyester and spandex. Natural materials can provide warmth and increase cushioning. These materials include cotton and hemp. Mixtures of synthetic and natural materials tend to work best.


4. Choose comfortable training socks. If you do not wear shin guards when practicing, you can choose more socks. Crew socks are very popular in training. No show and low-cut socks are popular in aerobics or physical exercise.



Now, football socks are not just things on the pitch. Football socks have become a trendy item and are widely popular. The knee-length sock and the striped design of the socks give it a sense of movement and vitality, while also being clean and refreshing. Welcome to visit our online store to buy all kinds of fashionable football socks, cute fuzzy socks, girls no show socks, individual toe socks, etc.