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How to buy winter tights?

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The weather gradually turned cold, girls need to wear the clothes more  thicker, but after wearing they are afraid of in front of the mirror. For this worry, so what kind of tights will keep you warm and look good? The following a few small suggestions, we can refer to!


17. warm winter tights

Firstly, the warmth of running leggings.

When buying leggings with pockets, the label has a unit value, called DEN. DEN is a unit of densification, and how many grams of fiber weight per 9000 meters is called DEN. Generally, 40-60DEN is spring and autumn socks, and 60DEN is above winter socks, so girls must pay attention when choosing.


Secondly, observe the best workout leggings material.

Girls all know best compression leggings are mostly nylon, cotton, or made of these materials such as wool blended, but the author suggest that had better choose the raw material is far infrared yarn material winter tights, because the far infrared fiber absorb heat energy, can release 4-14 um um to the wavelength of far infrared ray, have the function of fiber products commonly used in senior clothing, personal items, products work relatively well.


Thirdly, color and fashion of running leggings women.

The color of shoes should be kept in harmony. The usual way is to match the high waisted compression leggings of the same color with the clothes and shoes of the same color. Of course, the color of control top pantyhose can also be slightly lighter than the color of the clothes and shoes. Such wear and match, give a person the figure is sexy slender, attractive.


17.winter tights

Fourthly, style as far as possible keep consistent.

Warm leggings for winter should be consistent with the style of clothing and shoes. For short skirts, it's best to wear flesh-colored winter tights. Opaque tights work well with flat heels. Patterned tights are good for high heels, etc.In short, the more complex the fashion, the simpler the winter tights.


Fifthly, no winter tights "Bare".

Don't wear socks that are short enough to split your legs in half, and don't let the top of your socks show whether you're wearing a skirt or not.If your socks don't stretch well, use garters to keep them from coming down.

Warm tips:

1, washing high waisted leggings with pockets, should try to choose warm water hand wash, do not throw into the washing machine to clean, because the washing machine rapid rotation of the ripple will make socks suffer severe damage, resulting in socks lose due elasticity and luster.

2, please frequently cut hands and feet fingernails, when wearing or taking off leggings with side pockets, do not let long fingernails scratch winter tights.

Do you know how to choose the necessary tights for autumn and winter? Hope many women keep warm and look good in winter. Thank you!