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How to Use Socks to Curl Hair?

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If you want to achieve permanent curls without using a heat setting tool, there is a way to do it. And it doesn't need to be heated, it doesn't damage your hair, it uses round hose to achieve long-lasting curls. This article will introduce two ways to achieve long-lasting curly hair with socks. Please read on!


74-2-home socks

Method One

1. Collect 6-8 pairs of socks. The longer the socks, the thinner the better. The number of cozy ankle socks you need depends on the thickness of your hair. If you have thick hair, you need 10 to 12 pairs of socks to use.


2. Before curling, please wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Before styling, please straighten your hair to avoid any knotting. Also, your hair should be kept moist but not dripping.


3. Please divide your hair into 2 inches. Hold it in your left hand and place a male sock in your hair to keep it perpendicular to your hair. Socks should be placed in the middle between the root and end of the hair.


4. Wrap the end of your hair around the thin sock. Note that you should leave a gap of about 1 or 2 inches at the end.


5. Move the comfy long socks towards the root of your hair. After tying the socks to the root of the hair, the ends of the socks need to be firmly tied together.


6. Please repeat the above steps in each part of the hair. Starting at the bottom of the hair, it's easier to use socks gradually up. If you have bangs, please don't make bangs.


7. Please wait for your hair to dry. If it's night, you can sleep on your comfy house socks, because it's soft enough, and it won't hurt to sleep. If it's day time, you can sit in the sun and dry your hair.


8. When your hair is dry, please take off your women's socks from your hair. Make sure you do this part by part, then gently shuffle your hair to release your curls. Make sure your hair is completely dry before removing your ultra thin socks.


9. Spray with styling gel to keep your hair curly. If your hair is naturally straight and doesn't usually stay curly for a long time, you should use hair gel more.




Method Two

1. Cut off the toes of the middle socks or dress socks. You should cut off about two inches of socks.


2. Roll the socks into a doughnut shape. You can consider using two socks to make a loop, which can create larger waves.


3. Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Hair needs to be wet, but not dripping. You can spray your hair with water and then fix it with elastic bands.


4. Place the ponytail vertically above the top of the head, let the end of the ponytail pass through the hole in the sock ring, then wrap the end of the ponytail around the ring, and roll the sock down to the top of the head.


5. Let your hair dry overnight. If it's daytime, leave socks on your head for 3-4 hours, or dry your hair in the sun.


6. Remove the socks and gently shake your hair to release the curls.


7. Use hair gel to shape. If your hair is naturally straight, or if you want to keep it wavy all day long, use hair gel to keep it.


The above are two methods of curling hair for reference.