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How to Use Socks as Fundraising Items?

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Raising money for nonprofit organizations, sports teams and special events has never been easy. Some of the traditional fundraising items - candy, raffles, pizzas - may not have much appeal to those who might have given. In addition, the shelf life of these products is very short, which means that the activities you organize will soon be forgotten.


However, clothing products have a wide range of attractiveness and long life span, which makes them an excellent choice for fund-raising. Until recently, T-shirts and hats were still the first choice; however, people are more and more interested in knitted products such as socks, such as beautiful knee high stockings and thick Fuzzy Socks. Before buying socks, make sure you plan accordingly.


In order to maximize your success, you need to make a plan for the type of demand you will generate and determine whether your pricing can meet your funding goals. In addition, you also need to provide attractive socks. Generally speaking, custom-made cozy socks (or stay at home socks) and custom-made round neck socks have a wide range of appeal, while custom-made knee socks usually attract smaller crowds.


58-1. christmas home socks

There are many ways to use socks in your fundraising activities:

1. Sell directly to donors during the event, such as spirit wear.

2. Sold on your website throughout the year.

3. Use it as an incentive measure to reward a certain number of people who donate (especially beneficial to the annual donation activity), and promote socks donation activities in all your external channels, including your website, social media platform, newsletter, List of donors, offices, and booths you set up at community events, volunteer fairs, etc.


58-2. knee high stockings

If you are collecting donations for a non-profit organization, consider giving your employees, volunteers, and board members a pair. Encourage them to wear it in public. If you are raising funds for a sports team, music group or youth organization, students should wear as many socks as possible to arouse their interest. For example, they can wear lace footies or knee high boot socks.


Of course, you can also hold a socks show, just like all fashion shows. If this is the case, the style and materials of your socks must be attractive enough. Similarly, the intensity of publicity should be increased. For example, you can invite some famous singers or models to participate.  Of course, there is no doubt that the cost of doing so will be greater.


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