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How to Recycle Socks?

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When we sorted out the drawers, we usually found a lot of worn out or unpaired socks. We might feel wasteful if just throw it away. But how to make use of these socks? Here are some good ways to recycle old socks.


76-soft fluffy socks

1. Make Dust Rags

We can put the socks on our hands, dip a little water, and wipe almost everywhere with the rag. We can use fuzzy house socks to wipe furniture, windows, computer screens, spilled liquid on the floor, handles and blinds.



2. Make a Long-handled Cleaning Brush

We can make a long handle cleaning brush to wipe the places out of your reach. We need to take a ruler, put the sock on one end, and fix it with rubber bands or staples. Then we are capable to use it to clean places under the stove, under the refrigerator, and others that is hard to reach. Soft fuzzy socks will stick to a lot of soft hair and dust, but they are easy to clean.



3. Make Bottle Sleeves

Cooking oil bottles often stain kitchen cabinets. We can put old cheap fluffy socks into the bottom of the bottle to prevent the oil bottle from leaving oil stains. After the oil in the bottle is used up, throw the socks into the washing machine to wash them, and then they can be recycled.



4. Homemade Small Sandbags

Sandbags are small cloth bags filled with beads or beans. Cut off the top half of the long fluffy socks, and put rice, dried peas or beads inside. Then we sew the opening into a spherical shape.



76-thick fluffy socks

5. Make A Sock Doll

We can also make a sock monkey or a sock doll. We can fill the plush fuzzy socks with beans or rice, glue or sew the opening and put on the eyes, nose and mouth. Then we need to cut the other sock into strips and sew on it as hair.



6. Make A Coin Purse

We can use ankle length socks and decorate it with beads, glitter, or other decorations we can find. Sew a zipper at the opening, or sew a cloth strip on top as a hand strap.



7. Wipe Shoes

Old cotton anklet socks can polish shoes very brightly. So we can use old socks to polish after shoe polish.



8. Sew A Long Cuff for Work

We can cut old ruffle ankle socks into cuffs, tuck the cuff into the glove. The opening at the wrist of the glove must be aligned with the cut edge of the cuff.



9. Make Dog Toys.

We can put the dog chew into the old thick fluffy socks, tie it into a ball, and play with the dog. The dog will find a way to get the dog chew out and have fun from it.


Many dogs like to crush water bottles but the fragments are difficult to clean. So, we can put the empty plastic water bottle in the soft fluffy socks, tie the other end and let the dog play. With this sock, the yard will not be full of plastic bottle fragments.



No matter how we use our old socks, we must first wash them. If you want to buy good quality new socks, Cmax Socks are recommended. This is a company that customizes and wholesales socks. Their socks are beautiful and of good quality.