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How to Keep Feet Warm in Winter?

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Keeping your feet warm in cold weather can also help keep your overall health in check during a time when the body is more vulnerable to seasonal coughs, colds and bugs. Having warmer feet opens up the blood vessels in them to allow more efficient blood flow and help your body to redistribute heat all around it. In turn, this helps you to sleep better, bring back your energy and generally take better care of yourself to stay comfortable, fit and well. In addiction to wear cosy winter socks to keep your feet warm in winter, here are some suggestions for you.


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1.Wear Two Pair of Socks


If your feet feel cold with just one pair of cozy over the knee socks on, you can wear a second fluffy wool socks for some extra warmth. No-one will notice and the extra layer adds a cosy, insulating sensation. If you plan to do this regularly in the winter, you might like to buy shoes with a little extra space. Choose thinner material black fluffy ankle socks for this purpose, as too much bulk socks around your feet and ankles may prevent you from walking comfortably.


2. Insulation Ideas


If you would rather not double up on your fluffy fuzzy socks, try adding some insulation in a different way to help care for your feet. Wrap paper around your toes for added warmth on a cold day, which will only work on dry days, however, as the rain can cause the paper to get soggy and annoying around your feet. You could also try using materials such as felt, or even a plastic bag to add a waterproofing element. Experiment at home first, so that you can make sure you feel comfortable walking around.



3. Warm Your Toes


Talking of toes, there are several products out there that target the toes specifically and help you to keep them warm. Advice is readily available online around which products to buy for your particular circumstances. Toe warmers work by gently disseminating heat and warmth as you walk around, keeping your toes comfortable and at less risk of frostbite or damage from cold weather or damp conditions. You can wear five toe socks to keep your feet warm.


4. Don’t Sweat Your Socks


The many benefits of sweat-wicking socks are well documented, but opting for these types of socks and footwear in colder months gives you the added advantage of keeping your feet dry and less prone to injury from damp conditions inside the shoe. The best materials to choose from include wool, polypropylene or technical fabric found in custom-made walking socks. All of which are readily available to buy.


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5. Wear Sturdy Shoes


While fashion may play a part in your choice of shoes, make sure that you pick out shoes that are both sturdy and waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry. Go for strong boots with some weight behind them and a proper, waterproof lining, a decent, grippy sole and good support for your feet and ankles, even when tackling harsher conditions, such as snow and ice. Make sure they are waterproof to prevent the rain and slush from getting in and soaking your black fluffy bed socks and feet inside. If you need to wear smarter shoes at work to meet the office dress code, wear the sturdier shoes there and back and bring a second pair with you in a plastic bag to change into.



6.The best socks to keep feet warm


Finally, the best advice we can give to face a cold and wet winter is to build up a good collection of warm winter thick socks that will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable, whatever the weather is doing outside. Having enough custom cozy socks in your drawer to be able to simply look out of the window and pick out the best pair for the day is a great way to start the day off properly.