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How to Extend the Life of Socks?

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Buying a pair of beautiful socks is an investment in comfort and appearance. It is also an investment worth watching, such as white crew socks and orange knee high socks.


Washing socks in accordance with the manufacturer's care instructions is the best way to ensure the longevity of socks. However, if you lose the care instructions, here are some suggestions for machine washing your home socks:


57-1.white crew socks

1. Put them in a separate bag to make them independent of other clothing. If you don’t have separate bags, turning them over and washing them can reduce friction on other fabrics.


2. Make sure your individual toe socks are not tied together, otherwise they cannot be washed thoroughly.


3. Use mild soap and avoid bleach or fabric softener.


4. Wash with cold water. If possible, use mild water.


5. Line dry your socks. If this is not practical, you can turn the socks over and dry them at low temperature.


6. Do not iron your cotton loafer socks, or you will burn your socks.


In addition, the better the socks, the more you should consider washing your hands. Every time you wash, the vibration of the washing machine will cause a little damage to the fabric. Similarly, keep the socks away from the dryer and hang them to air dry.


Having said that, here will explain some of the factors that affect the life of socks and how to extend their life.


57-2. individual toe socks

1. Wear the right size. Cozy socks that are too small for the feet will lengthen and increase the pressure on the fabric. Too big socks will knot in the shoes and cause improper friction with the fabric. Make sure the shoes fit and trim your toenails, which can help prevent inappropriate wear.


2. Take care of your feet. The feet are sometimes the most overlooked part of the body. If the toenails become long and pointed and the heels become rough like sandpaper, the toes will have rocky calluses. All of these will make you wear the fabric of the thick cotton no show socks every time you wear them.


3. Be careful when you walk. Socks you wear at home, such as winter house socks, don’t wear them on the dusty floor. Even in your home, some floor surfaces can cause socks to wear faster. Carpet floors can cause friction, while old wooden floors that are not polished usually have small nails and debris that can poke holes in socks. Smooth surface can reduce the wear of socks and prolong the life of socks.


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