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How to Design Custom Socks to Stimulate Your Creativity?

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From time to time, we all need to get rid of the monotony of daily life. Doing something that stimulates your creativity is a great way to stay motivated. No matter how creative you are, doing something creative can stimulate creativity.


In fact, you can even inspire your artistic side and get rid of the experience with your own custom crew socks.


Here are three ways to teach you how to design custom-made dress liner socks to ignite your creativity:


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1. Get inspiration from other people's designs. Even the best artists learn and get inspiration from others. Studying the design of other best ankle socks will undoubtedly stimulate your imagination. Enter "sock design" in the search engine, or look for inspiration from the sock retailer.


2. Get inspiration from doing something different. Another fact about creativity is that you have to get out of your comfort zone and do something you rarely used to do. 


For most people, designing custom socks will be a whole new experience. Even if you are a "creative" person, it will help you extend your daily work. Finger toe socks are a completely different canvas for your artistic expression.


3. Let your imagination gallop freely and get inspiration from it. The traditional rule of socks stipulates that socks should be integrated with people's clothing such as over the knee tights and quarter crew socks. For generations, high heels have been considered more practical. But in today's era, these rules no longer exist. Socks, like jewelry, hats and glasses, are accessories for a complete set of clothing. So, no matter what you think of, don't be afraid to design.


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The following are three guidelines recommended by EVERSOX in the design process:


1. There is no delicate pattern on the cuffs of the socks. The cuff is at the top of the ankle length socks. You can put a simple logo or graphic on the cuff, but avoid putting anything complicated in this part.


2. There is no pattern on the heel and toes. These areas are additional processes performed by our knitting machines to form pockets. The machine cannot perform knitting designs in these areas. Therefore, only solid colors are used for the heel and toes.


3. The details of the pattern are limited. Due to the nature of knitted design, very small and complex logos and designs are not suitable for customized knitted socks.


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