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How to Clean and Maintain Compression Socks?

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The elasticity of low cut compression socks can generally be maintained for about 8-10 months, after which the pressure is not as high as the initial stage and needs to be replaced. Compression stockings need to be hand-washed and dried in the shade. They cannot be dried at high temperatures or in the sun. However, because the speed of dry in the shade will be slower, we recommend that we should have at least two pairs of ankle compression socks for running for replacement to give them a time to restore their elasticity. The two pairs of compression socks are convenient to change and wash, and at the same time extend the life of the elastic stockings.



78-ankle compression socks for running

Ways to Clean Compression Socks


We recommend using a neutral detergent to wash low cut compression running socks. We need to dissolve the detergent in water before putting the socks in. The ingredients in most disinfectants will embrittle the elastic fibers in compression stockings and reduce their service life. So be careful not to use disinfectant when cleaning knee high compression socks to avoid embrittlement of elastic fibers and loss of elasticity.


Water Temperature

The temperature of the cleaning compression socks over the knee should be below 40°C. Overheated water will gradually make the socks lose their elasticity. And we need to be careful not to soak compression socks for a long time.


Laundry Guide

We recommend that you use a gentle hand wash method to clean compression socks. You can also put it in a laundry bag and choose a gentle washing machine program to clean compression knee highs plus size. When we wash compression socks in the washing machine, do not directly put them in the washing machine and mix them with other clothes for washing, because the socks will be tangled and elongated, resulting in deformation and loss of elasticity, thereby reducing the pressure and failing to achieve the desired effect.


Drying Method

After washing the no show compression socks, we can squeeze the excess water of the socks with our hands, and then dry them in a cool and ventilated place. We do not put compression socks in the sun or artificial heat sources to dry. If we want to dry the compression socks as soon as possible, we can use a dry towel to absorb the excess water, and then use a hair dryer to blow dry at a low temperature. High temperature will cause the elastic fibers of no show compression running socks to become brittle and lose their elasticity.



78-knee high compression socks

How to Maintain Compression Socks

When we put on or take off high waisted compression leggings, do not let sharp objects such as diamond jewelry or long nails scratch the compression socks. When wearing compression socks, we need to check whether the shoes are flat to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the compression socks by debris, thereby prolonging the service life. What we need to pay attention to is that for any high-quality product, only careful care can extend its service life and achieve the best use effect.



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