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How to Buy Socks That Are Good for Your Feet?

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Many people do not know that socks today are not just hosiery made of simple cloth. Some cushioned ankle socks are designed to cushion impacts, protect joints, and ease pain. Some wick moisture socks are designed to keep feet cool and dry, and some even control odor and resist bacteria. So how to buy socks that are good for your feet? You could follow these tips.



34.Light compression socks

1.Look for socks with full cushion sole support. 


This is very important, as it provides cushion every time you step, softening impact and reducing stress on the heels, thereby leaving your feet less tired at the end of the day.


2.Notice sock sizes. 


Just like shirts, thick no show socks come in different sizes and shapes, and though they may stretch somewhat, one-size socks often fit poorly and are a common cause of blistering. If you can feel your sock move up and down your leg, it's causing abrasion. A good brand of socks will offer at least four sizes.


3. Look for arch supports and Y-heel pockets. 


These allow the sock to grab the arch of the foot. The arch support also helps prevent the sock from bunching up.


4.Look for a high needle count (high density). 


Denser socks wick more moisture and provide cushion for a longer period of time. They support the feet better, and they often last longer.


5.Find socks that can resist abrasion, or they will wear out quickly. 


Look for socks with reinforced heels and toes, as these are the areas that wear out the fastest.


6.Is wearing socks for the whole day good for your health?


You can wear loose fitting socks for swollen ankles, but not all the time. Wearing socks every day for a certain amount of hours can prevent your feet from getting fresh air.


34.wick moisture socks

7.Do not wear shoes without socks.


Sweaty feet in leather shoes will make the interior of the shoe wet, increasing bacteria growth. This will lead to foot problems like ringworm, warts, athlete's foot, etc. Youd better to wear custom ankle sock if you have special needs.


8.Do not wear wet shoes.


If your shoes are wet due to rain or other accidents, make them to dry completely before wearing them again. They will last much longer and not develop the nasty odor.


9.Do not buy cheap socks that are one size fits all.


"Bargain" socks usually do not last and are sometimes the source of your foot problems.


10. Try Open Toe Compression Socks if its necessary


Open Toe Compression Socks are an excellent choice for summer shoes and hot conditions (also great for ladies who want to show off their pedicure and painted nails.) and they are perfect for those who suffer from toe pain, hammertoes, long toenails, bunions, etc. If you feel limited when wearing closed compression socks, you can have a try.


We recommend both open and close compression stockings to control varicose veins, phlebitis, inflammations, soreness, and blood clots. These are also helpful if you suffer from swelling or are associated with feet or toe pain.


Toeless Compression socks also help to relieve swelling during pregnancy. Since swelling is a common thing in people who are on complete bed-rest. So, people suffering from postoperative also wear these until they are back to a regular routine.


These are also helpful for diabetes patients as they need special care for their lower legs. Light compression socks will keep their feet safe from wounds and minor injuries.


All in all, to choose the most comfortable socks that fit you feet is the most important. If you have any needs about socks, welcome to visit our website for inquiry.