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How should boys match socks?

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In addition to absorbing sweat and deodorizing, socks also have the effect of adding the finishing touch to the overall shape. As the saying goes, "the devil is hidden in the details." If you want to judge whether a person is good at dressing, you can see how he matches socks. But the styles of socks are different, how to match them?



92-1 Solid color socks

The key to wearing #style

The so-called sock style refers to the "length"! The weather is hot and humid, and it is easy to rain, so many sportsmen like to wear breathable and comfortable invisible socks to make their ankles breathable. However, in recent years, many trendy icons have used high-tube stockings, which has caused more and more people to follow suit. Regardless of the color and pattern, they are more abundant than the invisible boat-shaped socks. This makes stockings gradually penetrate the streets and become the most popular single nowadays.


In addition to invisible socks and stockings, there is also a kind of "short socks" with intermediate lengths, that is, the kind of socks that are often required to be worn during the student period. Under the influence of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, LOGO socks have become hot.



Wear key two# Material

In addition to looking good, the material of the socks must not be sloppy, especially for those who are prone to sweating. You must choose breathable socks to keep your feet dry at all times. On the other hand, there is a so-called "weight balance" in dressing. If the material of the clothes is lighter and thinner, it will be strange to wear thick knitted socks. If you want to become a fashionista, you must never make such a small mistake!


Although boys’ socks are not as rich in patterns as women, there are no special materials such as lace, tulle, etc., but they can’t be worn casually, such as leather shoes with sports socks. Gentlemen’s leather shoes can be used with casual loafers. If you don’t wear socks, the rest is better with gentleman socks or thinner printed socks.


92-2 pattern socks


The key to wear three#color

The last thing that must be considered is the "color". The most basic and common one is "plain color socks." Every man has three or four pairs. In addition to the absolutely necessary black and white, it is recommended to buy some "special colors", such as the recent super hot fluorescent green, or the bright orange and purple red, choose the corresponding color socks according to the overall wear, and even boldly try contrasting colors.


Solid color socks are versatile and safe, but they will look a little dull and boring after a long time. If you want to improve the fashion index, you can consider pattern socks such as stripes or check patterns. Especially for men who like British gentleman style, check socks are a must fashion items!



All in all, socks must be worn eye-catching, and the above three aspects are indispensable. Choose the appropriate socks according to the overall wear to truly become a fashion item.